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3 Goals to set for the New Year with your dog

3 Goals to set for the New Year with your dog

New Year, new you right? How about new decade, new life? Suddenly that’s a lot of pressure overnight. Studies show that resolutions and habits are best kept when they are slowly and methodically introduced into your lifestyle. However perhaps the most effective way to commit to a new resolution is by tethering it to something you’re already committed to - your dog!

Rather than suggest hard and fast resolutions though, consider this a guide to the changes you want to make this year. We’ve divided them into 3 major areas with key questions to help steer you toward positive change for you - whatever that may look like. 

Reset your social life

Take stock of how fulfilling your social life was in 2019. What worked? What didn’t? Who are the people you depended on most and what areas of your social life need more nourishing?

If you find that your life is missing closer connections or more meaningful relationships, in our experience a cute dog is the ultimate ice breaker. Get out and actually talk to other owners at the dog park. Sit outside at brunch and bring your dog along for company. Ask old other friends (or new friends) to join you on walks. There are so many opportunities to meet and connect with others - bring your dog along to boost connections! 

But if you found the opposite - that your social life left you feeling depleted in 2019, maybe you need a commitment to slow down your social life and stay in and rest. It can be so amazing for your mental health (and wallet) to resolve to spending at least one night a week in to with your dog to be more overall present and calm in your everyday life. 

Movement and Exploration: Commit to exploring more with your dog. 

How about your physical wellbeing? How much movement realistically fits into your schedule? What kind of movement do you actually enjoy doing (note: not what kind of movement do you think you should be doing). Do you prefer outdoor or indoor activity? Solo or in groups? Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to most everything, especially fitness and exploration.

What part of the city would you like to get to know? Does getting outdoors help your mind space? Set goals to take new routes and see more of the city or go for an extra long walk on Sundays and listen to an inspiring podcast. Consistent exercise with your dog no matter how strenuous will have you keeping your fitness resolution the longest out of everyone!

Wellness for yourself and your dog. 

So let’s bring it all together. What does wellness actually look like to you? Define it, write it down. Don’t let the Goop definition of wellness get to your head. Really think about what wellness looks like - is it mental? Is it physical? Is it restful? Is it a combination of a bunch of different things? Because the truth is, wellness is highly personal and highly holistic. 

You care about your dog more than anything and he cares most about you! Commit to taking care of yourself the way he cares for you - wholeheartedly and without judgment. Take stock of what you need for your mind, body and soul and double down on that. Putting the effort into your wellness will be something you’ll thank yourself for most this coming decade.