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Owning a dog in the city can be a lot of things, but it's a great way to get out and connect with the world around you. We know the weather's transitioning and it's about that time we all start to hunker down, but here at Maev, we're all about bringing together New York's dog people. So while you're tempted to spend your days snuggled up on the couch (and seriously, we don't blame you), here's a reminder of five fun things to do in NYC with your dogs and your people.

Literally anything in Central Park

There is probably nothing easier on a city dog's eyes than a huge, open field of grass! There's plenty of ways to socialize with friends there too - stroll around and get your 10k steps together, attend a free event or order Postmates to any of the 7 top picnic spots in Central Park. Nature is good for the soul and stress levels of all humans and dogs present!

Head over the Brooklyn Bridge

Do a little sightseeing on your walk! The Brooklyn Bridge is 1.3 miles long which means it is the perfect length for your dog to expend a little energy before you and your friends pop into Brooklyn Brewery on the other side for a beer tasting. Dogs are always welcome tableside.

Dining with Dogs

Call us biased but unwinding from the week is best done with good company and a mimosa in hand. We bet your dog would love brunch with the gang too! There are 525 dog-friendly restaurants in NYC. Double-check to see if your favorite weekend spot is one of them.

Take a hike

Like we said nature is good for all involved, but why not add a little boost in cardio? Grab your outdoor gear and take the subway to Inwood Hill Park. It's the only forest left on Manhattan Island with lots of history and three different trails to choose from.

Shop until you drop (Kidding, don't drop.)

You know that New York's all about shopping, and there's no reason why your 'good dog' can't join in on the merch search too. Every shop has it's own rules that are to be respected, but you can check here to see which stores are known to welcome four-legged friends.

Have more ideas? Send us a DM @maevworld and we'll add them to the list!