Every weekday morning, the Maev team holds a check-in on how we’re really doing, holistically. Lately, that 11AM call has taken a different tone with the weight of the past week on everyone’s minds. As a wellness company for dogs, we aim to create a respite from the chaos of the world around us. Hugging a dog makes us feel better. Today, that’s not enough. Having a respite is a privilege. We need to instead wade deeply into uncomfortable territory to stand there and put action behind our words and values.

Corporations and brands are an extension of a system that reinforces the injustices we’re seeing on the news, in our feeds, and in our communities. Our ability to exist is because we are beneficiaries of that system. But to us, that means we have a responsibility to change the system, not just as humans who support a cause, but as a company that is able to reallocate resources and privilege in order to course correct. This means routine choices to remove bias, hire, partner, and purchase from diverse individuals and companies.  

There’s no political debate to be had when we're talking about human lives.

We started Maev as a community of dog people. This company exists to listen to our community, and then act. This week, especially, our community is hurting. Because of you, we’re making deliberate choices to address this issue in every way we can.

We’re a wellness company for dogs and their humans. Right now, we need to take care of their humans.

We’re taking this week to deepen our empathy.  Here are the actions we’re taking:

  • Donating 10% of sales in June to a cause of your choosing
  • Seeking partnerships with black-owned businesses (email katie@meetmaev.com with suggestions)
  • Continuing to educate ourselves on antiracism, our privileges, and the institutional inequities happening everywhere in America
  • Signing petitions we support

Black lives matter. Period.


Katie, Christine & the Maev team

A few resources we’ve found helpful: