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Dating with a dog in New York City

Dating with a dog in New York City

When you’re already in a committed relationship, but trying to find another one…

Dating with a dog in New York City is sort of like this: you’ve just gotten out of an incredible morning workout class. You make it to the showers first. The water is still hot(!), and once you’re out, it’s straight to the expensive lotion for an extensive lather. You’re blissed out and it’s not even 8 am.

But then someone who did not make it to the showers in a timely fashion starts banging on the door. Your hands are dripping in wet lotion and you’re far from ready to get dressed. Everything is sticky and cotton is the enemy. You pull on your pants, which may as well be on backward. You grab your things and rush out, eyes downcast from the door banger.

Oh, and you’re pretty sure you’re going to be late for work.

For me, this is what dating with a dog in New York City often feels like. It’s great ’til it’s not.

For all the amazing things our dogs give us every day (Love! Unbridled affection! Puppy eyes! My God, the puppy eyes), they also dole out their fair share of inconveniences. Exhibit A in my book is dating. And okay, okay, dating with a dog in NYC often starts off alright… but far as I’ve ever known… the sticky-lotion, late-for-work-feeling is always just around the corner.

The Logistics

Let’s look at an example, shall we?

You work in Manhattan, but live in Brooklyn (collective hand raise). You’ve been talking to this person from Hinge or raya, or the DMs, who knows… and they ask you on a date for tomorrow evening in SoHo. The spot is close to your work, and you were really hoping they’d ask you out! Win-win. Hell ya.

Even though you plan on taking a trip to the park in the morning before work, and you’ve already scheduled a walker for midday, pup’s going to need to go out before 7… which just so happens to be when your date starts. In a perfect world, you’d hang around the office looking like the star employee you are until your date. After all, it’s literally on the same block as the office! But… no can do.

You head home at 5:30 on the dot. Pup is freaking stoked to see you (unbridled affection!); they do their business on a 30-minute stroll during which time you decide what you’re going to wear to said date. But suddenly it’s 6:00 and you really need to book it home to throw on some makeup, change, feed pup, and get on that damn L train back into Manhattan before it decides to stop running.

By God’s grace herself, you are back on the Island of Manhattan and inside of the agreed upon bar at the stroke of 7:00. Your date, meanwhile, has begun their first drink, and looks cool as a cucumber. Must be nice.

This is dating with a dog in New York City. It is, for lack of a more astute explanation, just really hard. As if being a human being wasn’t difficult enough, add city-dwelling onto that, and then another life for which you are solely responsible and… good luck.

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