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Foods your dog should never eat

You can treat this list like a handy cheatsheet for foods your dog should never eat.
Foods your dog should never eat

We'll make this post short and sweet. You can treat this list like a handy cheatsheet for foods your dog should never eat. Keep it in your backpocket and go out and do your things together. These are the never eat foods for dogs, so you can avoid some some disastrous situations with your dog.  

Chocolate - It's a bummer, but don't do it. Chocolate contains toxic substances called methylxanthines.

Cinnamon - It's not toxic to dogs, but it could irritate the inside of your dog's mouth and make their throat swell, leading to discomfort and vomitting.

Garlic - They're a part of the Allium family along with onions, leeks and chives and the whole family of foods is a no for dogs. Garlic in particular is 5x as toxic as other Allium plants are to dogs. So extra no.

Onions and leeks - See: Allium family above.

Macadamia nuts - For whatever reason, this nut in particular is especially toxic to dogs. Two nuts per pound of body weight can lead to paralysis in dogs.

Grapes - We're not totally sure why, but grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. Also: a gentle reminder that raisins and such are included in things like cereals and trail mix, so it's important to keep those items out of your dog's reach as well.

Coffee, tea and other caffeine sources - Caffeine is super dangerous to dogs and can trigger a rapid heartrate, dehydration, high blood pressure and the list goes on.

Cooked bones - We know that dogs eat raw bones, but when you cook bones, they become brittle and easily splinter. Once they splinter, they can become a choking hazard.