Frozen is the New Fresh

Frozen foods innovators are busting the myth that frozen is never as good as fresh. The big benefit of frozen produce especially, is that by freezing at peak ripeness, you can lock in nutrients and serve them year round.

Produce can be harvested at peak ripeness, when nutritional content is highest, instead of picking the fruit ahead of schedule so that it can ripen on the shelf.

After fruits and veggies going through this process are harvested, they’re blanched and frozen. That kills off any bacteria, and prevents future spoiling.

Fresh fruits and vegetables lose nutrient content over time while they ripen. Some frozen options have 200% more vitamin C, 50% more antioxidants, and 25% more vitamin E after 3 days when compared to fresh (blueberries, cauliflower, and spinach respectively).

Some nutrients are lost during the blanching process, and while storing, but most research suggests that frozen, when peaked at peak-ripeness, is more nutrient dense than fresh in produce.

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