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Getting more connected under quarantine

Getting more connected under quarantine

We’re collectively going through a lot. I’m not sure if it needs repeating, but it’s true. We’re going through a lot and our new normal is nothing like our old normal, and it’s hard to tell when we’ll get out of this and back to feeling like ourselves. That applies to us and that applies to our dogs.

A lot’s changed in a matter of days — you and your dog are feeling it. Schedules have turned upside down. Walks have either gotten longer or shorter. You’re spending more time together indoors. It’s not necessarily higher quality time, just greater quantity. We’re stressed and we’re anxious, and our dogs can feel that. We’re on a brand new timeline with ‘normalcy’ slipping further and further away.

Which is why we want to make this easier on you and create little pockets of magic where we can. We want to use this crazy, crazy time to come up with new and innovative ways to connect, so…we’re piloting a video chat and consult.

Anyone can schedule a 15-minute consult/chat with me or Katie to talk through your dog’s wellness, health, needs and consult on products. You can also just schedule time to get to know us better and tell us about what you’re actually looking for to make life even better with your city dog.

Here’s how it works (though we’re open to thoughts and suggestions on how to make this better)…

  • Schedule time for a video call starting on Thursday afternoon via this link

  • Katie or I will be available to chat about … just about anything you want! That includes how your dog is faring under social distancing/quarantine, any changes in behavior you’ve noticed, tips and advice to stay sane or a consult on any Maev products

  • You can also use this time to get to know us. Maev’s always been about community first - having a dog in a city has always been challenging, but this is especially challenging.

  • Our goal is to provide content, community and products that actually help you live a better life with your dog, so chat with us, give us feedback, tell us what’s on your mind.

At the end of it, we want to be there for you and your dog in any way that we can - sometimes that’s a little human connection, sometimes that’s a reminder that we’re not doing this alone, sometimes it’s a small burst of normalcy into a world that feels like it’s teetering.

Let’s chat, let’s connect, let’s support each other.