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Horoscopes for dogs: Dog-o-scopes for March 1-7

Horoscopes for dogs: Dog-o-scopes for March 1-7

If you’re like us the first thing you do when you wake up is consult the stars to see what kind of day you’re about to have, We get it! You take care of you and let Maev consult the stars to equip you with your dog’s weekly horoscope. Here’s your dose of cosmic revelation this week...

Fire Signs


Sometimes we don’t just worry about ourselves, but about our humans too. The impact is very much the same, for our brains cannot recognize what we are worrying about, only that we are worrying.The dog park will always be there and believe me that special hound will be back! Acknowledge that you feel worried, take some small action and let things be. Fortunately this week, walks with your human will offer some much-needed clarity

Lucky days- Friday 3/6 and Saturday 3/7


You are not a lazy pooch by any means but this week you may struggle to be as motivated as you usually are. The haphazard fire that categorizes you may feel dimmed and distant, so you must be cautious against giving in to the impulse to sit/stay and lay around for too long. Take some time every morning to check in with yourself. Perhaps some self-care could help. If you don’t feel that you can move fountains, just take one small step. The direction is the same, and you will feel that you are maintaining rather than backsliding, which would only frustrate you!

Lucky Days- Friday 3/6 and Saturday 3/7


This is a very joyful week for you in which everything is on the up. You are naturally a bowl half-full pup anyway; optimism and enthusiasm burst out of your every pore. You were born with sunshine in your heart making it easy for you to see the best or make the best of any situation. Your personal life is especially enjoyable, so take time for the dogs and humans you love – take some extra time on that walk. 

Lucky Days- Wednesday 3/4

Air Signs- 


Gemini, you experience the world via your mind. You live in your thoughts, as all air signs do. Sometimes your thoughts are so numerous, you can feel much like you’ve been staring into the dryer as the clothes go round and round, unable to get a grasp of when that black sock is going to make it back around. When you run with clarity, discipline and focus you will find it easier to make a decision on which stick is YOUR stick. You see the world as a pet store with so many options for new toys and chews, but if you don’t choose, you’ll starve, so just pick something, give it a try and see how it goes.

Lucky Days- Tuesday 3/3  and Wednesday 3/4 


Aquarius, some may consider you a little distant, remote or aloof in love but actually your heart is very loyal and fixed. Once you give it, you do not take it back easily. This week love takes center park. You may be interested in a new pooch and looking to woo them. Your style of courting tends to be unconventional. You like to show off just how eccentric you can be and you’re obviously incredibly endearing and refreshing. You promise adventure, nuzzles, excitement and naps in the sun, and all of these are dogfinitely on the horizon.

Lucky Days- Wednesday 3/4  and Saturday 3/7


Libra, you are such a likeable and charismatic sign that it can be difficult to understand how or why any pup would dislike you, but it is precisely because you are so inherently likeable that they do. Some dogs are envious of you, of your ability to be liked and respected, of your propensity for fairness and equality and justice and of your luscious mane and ability to effortlessly slink into and shine in any dog park and on any walk- This doesn’t come easily to just anyone. For every pup, pooch, and dog that is jealous, there is another who will be inspired.

Lucky Days- Wednesday 3/4, Thursday 3/5 and Saturday 3/7 

Water Signs


Pisces, when you explore on your walks it is usually because your spirit is calling you or because you have connected emotionally to someplace that perhaps feels like home. You can feel nostalgia for things you’ve not yet experienced or a tie to a place you’ve not yet seen. This is your empathetic and deeply spiritual nature at work. Taking the time to explore the park can bring you deep joy. Follow your heart and jump into the air with a sense of adventure. Your gut instincts are powerful and know where you are going even if you do not know it yet!

Lucky Days- Wednesday 3/4, Thursday 3/5 


You see hugs and food, as the ultimate source of nourishment and protection. Therefore, you treat it with respect. As a result of this attitude, you enjoy a solid and stable eating situation which brings you peace and joy. This week your health will also stabilize. Prone to barking fits? Your mental and emotional health will prosper. You will radiate serenity, peace, and comfort to others. This is your superpower.

Lucky Days- Wednesday 3/4, Thursday 3/5  Friday 3/6


You have a fierce attitude toward love; you crave depth of feeling often using romance and love to gather a greater understanding of yourself and relationships. This can bring up a lot of emotions at the park this week; you should try to be cautious. Understanding what emotions you’re deploying while out on those walks or at the park can help in your understanding of the potential relationships you are looking to make. 

Lucky Days- Wednesday 3/4Friday 3/6  and Saturday 3/7

Earth Signs


Capricorn, you put your all into every walk you’re on, into every human you nuzzled and the determination, tenacity, and dedication you put forth while grabbing the stick/ chew toy are immeasurable. This keeps you light years ahead of those other pups at the park.. This week your natural enthusiasm for walks helps you to become a dynamo. You will make strong connections and a powerful impact

Lucky Days- Wednesday 3/4, Thursday 3/5  Friday 3/6 and Saturday 3/7


You may not often share your toys with others because you are quite content to have them all to yourself. For this reason, you should learn to get comfortable with being open and putting your toys on the table, especially at the park where dogs want to play with you due to your grounded stable energy. Taurus is not always stubborn, fixed and stuck in the mud – sometimes great leaps are within you... just be careful to wipe those muddy paws first. 

Lucky Days-  Wednesday 3/4 


Are you having some difficulties at the park sweet Virgo? Sometimes we can be afraid to bark the questions that we really want to bark and this fear can hold us back. We don’t want to be left out of all the major fun that’s happening with the big dogs at the park.  Therefore, honesty is the only way to get in there and hang with those dog park kings and queens. Be assertive and bark for the truth you need. Remember, it is better to be heard- At least you gave it your all. 

Lucky Days- Tuesday 3/3  and Wednesday 3/4 

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