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Horoscopes for dogs: Dog-o-scopes for the week of March 23-29

Horoscopes for dogs: Dog-o-scopes for the week of March 23-29

If you’re like us the first thing you do when you wake up is consult the stars to see what kind of day you’re about to have, We get it! You take care of you and let Maev consult the stars to equip you with your dog’s weekly horoscope. Here’s your dose of cosmic revelation for this crazy, crazy week...

Aries -

Stay home

Taurus -

Stay home

Gemini -

Stay home

Cancer -

Stay home

Leo -

Stay home

Virgo -

Stay home

Libra -

Stay home

Scorpio -

Stay home

Sagittarius -

Stay home

Capricorn -

Stay home

Aquarius -

Stay home

Pisces  -

Stay home

Kidding, but also please stay home… better days are coming!

Aries- March 21 – April 19

The Ram - because of Aries’ brave, tenacious ability to climb to the top of the mountain, no matter what.

It’s not easy to celebrate your birthday during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But because you’re feeling a bit isolated, you should plunge into snuggling with your human, learning new things like “rollover” or simply indulging in a good ole movie fest! 

Taurus- April 20 – May 20

The Bull - because of their resilience and stubbornness! And, like a bull, they can be both frighteningly fierce or serenely gentle.

Your main focus this week is to cultivate and reignite your sense of confidence and self-esteem. Venus is your BFF and in your sign. Venus will help you regain and refocus your self-worth and innate values. Until then maybe try some anxiety bars to keep yourself calm, cool, collected.

Gemini-  May 21 – June 20

The Twins - because of their duality, versatility and ability to talk twice as fast and say twice as much as everyone else.

Let the floodgates open, Gemini. If you’ve been struggling to keep your emotions in check, you’ll finally begin to get better at balancing them out. It’s hard staying in - We get it! However, emotions are not to be feared, Gemini. Even though you value your brain, your feelings need attention, too.

Cancer- June 21 – July 22

The Crab - because they are secretive and guarded. A hard shell protects the soft flesh beneath (their extreme emotional sensitivity).

While you love to take care of people and nurture them as you would a lone pup at the park, the doctor orders you to pour into yourself. Think of this isolation time as time well spent getting to really connect with your human, but remember to put yourself first! 

Leo- July 23 – August 22

The Lion - because of their regal and noble personality, they love to lead and naturally protect those they perceive as being vulnerable.

You’re laying down the law this week, Leo. Because you have a strong focus on commitments and traditions this week, you need to figure out if you’re either in or out when it comes to certain situations. Ultimately, you don’t want to sit in the doorway and you shouldn’t have to!

Virgo- August 23 – September 22

The Virgin - because of their pure intentions, and their modest, conscientious nature. They’re often pictured holding a sheaf of wheat which symbolises the fertilisation of ideas / skills to benefit the world.

Re-parenting yourself is key this week, as you’re in desperate need of feeling safe and secure. And understandably, it can be difficult to feel this way during these uncertain times, especially when you normally have a low tolerance for uncertainty. Remember that your human is feeling that same - be there for each other.

Libra- September 23 – October 22

The Scales - because Librans are ALL about balance. Keeping everything on an even keel and behaving with fairness are their driving motivations.

You’re incredibly determined to achieve security and stability in your life. While you’ve been feeling uneasy for a few weeks, it seems you’re going to finally be able to achieve what you were hoping for this week. You’re grounding yourself by planting your roots and focusing on securing and retaining information. This new calm energy will serve you and your human well!

Scorpio- October 23 – November 21

 The Scorpion - because Scorpios are kinda’ dangerous, a secretive creature which can poison its enemies if riled… beware!

Are you being moody, Scorpio? Try to get out of your brooding mood and focus on cultivating gratefulness. Look around you! You’ve always wanted this kind of time with your human, and now you have it! It’s up to you to make the best out of this.

Sagittarius-  November 22 – December 21

The Archer - because they aim high and true, love the outdoors and enjoy the thrill of the case.

You’re normally not a quitter, Sagittarius, as you usually pursue the ball with dedication and optimism. Unfortunately, not every battle is worth fighting for and giving up might be the best option for you this week. Preserve your energy because you will soon be outside again.

Capricorn- December 22 – January 19

The Goat - because they are a determined animal who rises up the path by taking advantage of every foothold. Always climbing.

Do you feel like it’s been difficult to achieve a transition that needs to be made? Sometimes, you need to go backward before you can go forward, and that’s ok. Don’t get caught up in black-and-white thinking. This too shall pass!

Aquarius - January 20 – February 18

The Water-Bearer - symbolically, the water represents truth, which Aquarians deliver freely and fairly to the world. A truth-sayer!

This week is looking really good for you, as you’re reaping the rewards for tireless dedication. It looks like you’ve made some smart decisions in the past, and you’re now collecting the fruits. Now you can lay back and enjoy them!

Pisces- February 19 – March 20

Two fishes tied to one another, swimming in opposite directions- because all Pisceans swim amidst shifting emotional currents, and are plagued by both conflicting desires and extremes of temperament.

One of the things you’re asking yourself this week is, Should I nap or should I bark? Follow your undeniable intuition, Pisces. You already know what’s the best path for you, but keep in mind that your human needs you to be their rock. You’ve done it before. Now go and do it again!

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