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Horoscopes for dogs: Dog-o-scopes for the week of March 30-April 5

Horoscopes for dogs: Dog-o-scopes for the week of March 30-April 5

If you’re like us the first thing you do when you wake up is consult the stars to see what kind of day you’re about to have, We get it! You take care of you and let Maev consult the stars to equip you with your dog’s weekly horoscope. Here’s your dose of cosmic revelation for this crazy, crazy week...

Say it with me again:

Aries -

Stay home

Taurus -

Stay home

Gemini -

Stay home

Cancer -

Stay home

Leo -

Stay home

Virgo -

Stay home

Libra -

Stay home

Scorpio -

Stay home

Sagittarius -

Stay home

Capricorn -

Stay home

Aquarius -

Stay home

Pisces  -

Stay home

Actually not kidding. Please see my newest article entitled “NOSTALGIC SHOWS TO WATCH RIGHT NOW!” I’m sorry, not yelling. It’s coming out later today, so be on the lookout.

Aries- March 21 – April 19

The Ram - because of Aries’ brave, tenacious ability to climb to the top of the mountain, no matter what.

This is a time during which your best course of action is to remain at home alone and be meditative and contemplative. Your heart is wide open, allowing you to empathize with others and heal your sad human through kindness. On Friday, Venus enters your Gemini-ruled communication zone, helping you experiment with and even enjoy all the different ways you can communicate with that cutie that you’re crushing on from that one walk. Who knows maybe they’re right around the next corner. Protect your energy, because you may overextend yourself if you're not careful.

Taurus- April 20 – May 20

The Bull - because of their resilience and stubbornness! And, like a bull, they can be both frighteningly fierce or serenely gentle.

You're discovering what you can lean on. Some things are out of your control, but you do have the power to steady the ground beneath you not only for yourself but also for that human that seems to never leave. After a spike in energy last week, you’re losing your enthusiasm and letting yourself feel uninspired. Don’t push yourself more than necessary, though, it’s ok to have downtime - summer is right around the corner. Get deep with your human and bark about what you value and cherish together when Venus enters Gemini on Friday.

Gemini-  May 21 – June 20

The Twins - because of their duality, versatility and ability to talk twice as fast and say twice as much as everyone else.

Where do you want to be? Who do you want to become? Try not to let your current perception of yourself dictate who you are...you will be back at that park soon enough, Gemini. You’re on solid ground, which means you can rely on this new opportunity. Venus enters your sign on Friday, which will totally change you and your humans’ relationship in a way you’re dreaming of. Be your boldest, bravest, and most intelligent self.

Cancer- June 21 – July 22

The Crab - because they are secretive and guarded. A hard shell protects the soft flesh beneath (their extreme emotional sensitivity).

The truth is far more complicated than it seems. Give yourself a break. Not everything is what it seems, Cancer. It’s important for you to be careful of trixies on your afternoon walks that offer barks that are too good to be true.  Be on your guard and be ready to bark back. Need closure? Venus enters your Gemini-ruled completion zone, helping you set yourself free from dogs who don’t deserve you. 

Leo- July 23 – August 22

The Lion - because of their regal and noble personality, they love to lead and naturally protect those they perceive as being vulnerable.

Look deeper into what a healthy and stable relationship looks like. Don't let the fear of being alone supersede your needs: you and your human have each other always, remember that. There are so many options for you this week, and you could feel confused as to which path you want to choose. Word to the wise - take the human down the widest streets you can find. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled friendship zone on Friday, blurring the lines between a snuggle and a nuzzle. Make ‘em the best of both!

Virgo- August 23 – September 22

The Virgin - because of their pure intentions, and their modest, conscientious nature. They’re often pictured holding a sheaf of wheat which symbolises the fertilisation of ideas / skills to benefit the world.

This is a week where grit will get you far, and even if you have to overstretch yourself, trust that there is a reward waiting for you at the finish line. Practicing gratitude is also a good idea for you, especially so if you’ve been struggling with low moods. Let’s be honest if you’ve been a little down...your human is DEF feeling it. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled walk zone on Friday, reminding you that the quality of your walk and the relationships built from it influence your success.

Libra- September 23 – October 22

The Scales - because Librans are ALL about balance. Keeping everything on an even keel and behaving with fairness are their driving motivations.

If you're feeling restless and antsy, chances are it's because you're focusing on things that mean nothing. Set aside your bone, take a deep breath, and tap into your inner artist. While it’s been a few weeks where you’ve primarily been focused on feeling safe and grounded at home with your human(s), it looks like you’ve committed to keeping those commitments this week too. Continue to put yourself first, Libra. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled expansion zone on Friday, lending to you the ability to find chemistry with a dog or human who isn’t your typical type.

Scorpio- October 23 – November 21

The Scorpion - because Scorpios are kinda’ dangerous, a secretive creature which can poison its enemies if riled… beware!

You may feel the need to distract yourself when your feelings crop up. Face them anyway. You owe it to yourself. Be sure to remain grounded in the present and not let the energy pull you into the future. Your ship will arrive, Scorpio, let yourself live and don't forget to remind your human(s) to do the same. We all need to have each other’s backs and tails right now. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled intimacy zone on Friday, which turns up passion for snuggles.

Sagittarius-  November 22 – December 21

The Archer - because they aim high and true, love the outdoors and enjoy the thrill of the case.

You require someone who will stand by you and remain loyal to you during dark times. However, don't jump to conclusions just yet. You may be searching for a home in this person, but you do not need someone else to complete you. You could be having a lot of aha moments, realizing how you’ve been playing small and limiting yourself. You do NOT have time for this - you are light. Now get out there and shine. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled relationship zone on Friday, inviting in a new walking partner, or helping you gently end an on-again, off-again situationship.

Capricorn- December 22 – January 19

The Goat - because they are a determined animal who rises up the path by taking advantage of every foothold. Always climbing.

Be wary of making promises you can't keep or barking things you don't really mean this week. You may come to regret it later. You’re grounded, stable, logical and motivated. You have a good capacity to express yourself clearly and efficiently, as well as a strong capacity to problem-solve efficiently. Venus enters your Gemini-ruled details sector on Friday, inspiring you to pay closer attention to love. Your human may not say it but they need a paw right now. You’ll notice who really helps you feel known and seen.

Aquarius - January 20 – February 18

The Water-Bearer - symbolically, the water represents truth, which Aquarians deliver freely and fairly to the world. A truth-sayer!

You're learning that you can allow yourself to fall in love without losing your grip. If you've ever associated falling in love with being out of control, you're learning that there are some risks worth taking. During this time, you could clear your toy basket and reorganize your daily naps, Venus enters your Gemini-ruled confidence and intelligence sector on Friday, helping you see your brain as your most powerful asset.

Pisces- February 19 – March 20

Two fishes tied to one another, swimming in opposite directions- because all Pisceans swim amidst shifting emotional currents, and are plagued by both conflicting desires and extremes of temperament.

Even though it may not look like you're doing much, you are making a lot of progress. Sometimes the most difficult work is done behind the scenes and sometimes it's without your knowledge. This is a good time to learn something new and learn more about others. Curiosity is on the menu for you this week. Put forth some effort into figuring out what makes that human tick! Venus enters your Gemini-ruled emotional safety zone on Friday, making you long for your human to make you feel like home.

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