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How Are YOU Doing?

How Are YOU Doing?

Well hello all you cool dogs and pups (?) 

*Yeah you’re right that does NOT work at all but at least I gave it the old “Baskin” try huh?*

But really- How are you? How’s WFH? How is it with a dog? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

Throughout the navigation of quarantine and this new environment that we’re existing in, I’ve really been interested in the WFH dynamic when it comes to how you and your dog are adapting to each other’s inundating presence. And, I also wonder what life will look like when everything goes back to “normal” will we still continue to maintain a safe distance from one another or cross the street when you see someone walking on your side?

But enough of my future tirades - Let’s talk the “here and now” shall we?

I wanted to get down to business about what the WFH “day to day” is like for dog moms, the subtle nuances, the elongated and multiple daily walks, do you have carpel tunnel now from all the ball throwing? - There is no better way to do that than to interview people who are IN IT. 

From a very safe distance, I will be interviewing dog mom’s who are the real MVPs during this rough time in their and their dog’s lives! 

First up, Michelle! 

Michelle works in fashion so she’s been working from home for some time now. She is the mom to Grover; a spunky Yorkie that shares Michelle’s same sharp wit and wonderful hair - no joke these 2 both haves manes that are to die for!

Find out how Michelle has been handling turbulent WFH with Grover and also some things she’s been doing in quarantine to maintain sanity! 

Feel free to nominate yourself or any of your dog mama friends who might have some killer tips and tricks about WFH with a pup! 

P.S. Apologies for the crap sound quality- I am a lot of things but a sound engineer is not one of them.