Every product we've ever designed (or thought about designing) at Maev has come from customer feedback. Raw food? Customer feedback. A simple daily vitamin? Customer feedback. Easy to use bone broth? Customer feedback. Our packaging design? Customer feedback.

We've always believed that Maev isn't about building products that we love, but rather building products that you and your dog love. When we launched Maev a few months ago, we released 3 core products based on customer feedback. We started with raw food meals, daily vitamin bars and bone broth for dogs. Each of our products is designed to meet you where you are on your wellness journey. If you are ready to transition your dog onto a raw food diet because you've heard about all the benefits, we have you covered. But if raw doesn't fit into your budget or lifestyle, we introduced bone broth as a nutritional powerhouse and topper. Here at Maev, we want to give you an opportunity to incrementally improve your dog's health because it was in conversation with you that we knew we needed wellness products along the whole journey.

Though those are the products we launched with, that's not how we'll remain because Maev is built on the constant evolution of products based on your feedback and how our products integrate into your life. The best part about launching this company wasn't just seeing our products out in the world, but the rich conversations that we ended up having with customers that stemmed from trying our products. Feedback is everything. No matter how great we thought our products were, it's wasn't until we heard feedback that we began to truly understand how these things were working into your life. This launch was V1 of Maev, but Maev is about the constant development and evolution of dog wellness products that seamlessly fit into your life, reduce stress and keep your dog healthy. It's through feedback with you that we can begin to understand what's working and where we're falling short.

We're only a few months into this, but the feedback we've been gathering from customers is helping us improve our existing product lines and think about future product devleopment in areas that we're missing, but hope to bring to life for you one day.

So what have we been hearing lately and how are we iterating on it to make Maev work even better in your life?

  • A desire for more diverse protein sources: We keep hearing that you want more protein offerings in our raw food bowls and in our bone broth. Some dogs have certain protein allergies or maybe you have household preferences around which meats you bring into the house. Whatever the reason, there's a desire for diversity and optionality. We promise, we have something in the works - all of it human-grade and easy to incorporate.
  • Puppy formulas: Puppies have specific nutritional needs because they're growing every day and expending so much energy. It's an interesting balance because you want to give your puppy enough calories to grow, but not too many calories such that you lead bones and tendons to grow too quickly for the body to support. Now when you take our quiz online, you can tell us about your puppy's age and we'll formulate a meal plan tailored to their growing needs.
  • Greater transparency around caloric needs: Customers want to know how we're calculating their dog's caloric needs and are giving feedback on whether or not that appears to be enough for their dog. We love these conversations! You know your dog better than anyone and you live with your dog day in day out. You notice changes in them, so we want to give you the opportunity to adjust your dog's calories in their meals and consult with someone on the team for a hands-on approach.

These are the three points of feedback that we keep hearing over and over again, but there are dozens more comments where these came from on a variety of topics from packaging to shipping to carbon footprint. Every single piece of feedback we receive is thought over, catalogued and iterated on. Changes are coming and it's all because we're hearing from you.

Have feedback or a review we haven't captured yet? Text '411' to 29071 or chat with us every day on our site from 9 am to 6 pm to chat with someone on our team.