How many cups of food should I feed my dog? How long will a bag of food last? Is my dog over-eating?

There are a few ways to figure out how much food your dog needs! If you're feeding them an AAFCO approved dog food, the company is required to provide feeding instructions and usually will do so by offering a simplified table showing how many cups of food dogs in various weight ranges require (e.g. 10-15lbs, 15-25lbs, and so on). This is of course rather vague, so more specific ways to determine how much your dog needs are outlined below:

The simple yet precise way to figure this out is to calculate how many calories your dog needs to consume each day. Then to convert calories into cups.  An average activity, spayed/neutered adult dog needs 25 calories for every pound of weight. E.g. a 10 lbs dog would eat 10 x 25 = 250 calories / day. A 60 lb dog needs 60 x 25 = 1500 calories per day. This would be enough food to maintain weight. Vary up/down by 5% for over/under-weight dogs.

You can of course be more precise than this. The number of calories your dog will need varies based on (a) how much your dog weighs, (b) how active your dog is, (c) how old / young they are, and (d) whether they're neutered or spayed.

To get a precise answer, take the quiz at

One of the most common issues we hear about at Maev is over-feeding. Over 60% of dogs in the US are overweight, and vets say that a lot of that is due to over-feeding. That's where the request to pre-portion our raw meals originated. We provide custom portion calculations, and preportion the meals we ship according to your dog's caloric needs (based on the above 'precise' info).