Our Products Work Smarter to control weight issues.

Our vets suggest starting with diet and nutrition. It’s the most important factor affecting our dog’s weight. Over-feeding, feeding the wrong food, and fundamental digestive track deficiencies all lead to dangerous weight gain. We’re here to help.

Raw diets naturally balance the gut & have been clinically-proven to help dogs reach ideal weight.


Addressing weight issues buys you more time with them.

Weight concerns are one of the most common issues our dogs face. Unfortunately, weight gain puts our pets at a higher risk for scary & expensive health issues (like arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and certain cancers) and shortens life expectancy by 6 mo - 2 years.

5 reasons your dog may be gaining weight:

  1. Portion Sizing (Calculate your dog's actual & exact caloric needs)
  2. Overfeeding Treats/Begging (begging is often a sign that they're missing
    an essential nutrient in their diet)
  3. Free Feeding (Switching to 1-3 discrete meals per day goes a long way)
  4. High Carb & High Calorie Diet (most kibbles are 60%+ carbs)
  5. Genetic susceptibility (some breeds are more at risk than others)