There’s something really comforting about rituals. The word routine sounds structured and rigid, but the idea of a ritual is comforting and meaningful. Routine is something we do because we’re supposed to. A ritual is something we choose to add to our lives with purpose and intention.

Rituals also don’t have to be solo acts. Often, they’re even more special when shared with someone or done for someone - like your dog. Your dog’s meals and snacks can feel like a routine, or they can feel like a ritual. We’re opting for rituals. Everything we do and design here at Maev is mean to bring more joy into the experience of having a dog in a city.

So, here’s an introduction to bone broth for your dog…

Bone broth is one of the most soothing and simple additions to your dog’s wellness routine. We don’t need to harp on all the praise and attention bone broth’s been getting in the human world. Kylie Jenner drinks a cup of bone broth every morning, but we know she’s polarizing. It’s popping up in standalone stores like Brodo or on grocery shelves. We wanted to make it just as easy and accessible for you and your city dog to reap the same healing nutritional benefits.

We’re breaking down some common questions around your dog’s new favorite ritual. No matter where you are in your dog’s nutritional and wellness, journey, we want to meet you where you are.

Why should you incude bone broth as your dog’s wellness ritual?

We could go on and on about the benefits of bone broth and what a natural remedy it is to so many common ailments dogs face (so we will…)

Gut health - Many dogs (and humans) suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome. When we’ve eaten biologically inappropriate foods (like kibble), our stomach pH changes. That acidity creates holes in your stomach lining, allowing bits of food out during digestion, which leads to upset stomach and digestion issues. The collagen in bone broth counteracts this, filling the pores and preventing leaky gut.

Joint health - The health of our joints depends on the health of the collagen in our ligaments, tendons and on the ends of our bones. Collagen is the core molecule providing an elastic cushion around bones. Bone broth is packed with glucosamine that reduces joint paint and helps prevent osteoarthritis

Liver detoxification - Your dog’s liver filters toxins out of their body. Dogs today are exposed to chemicals in all directions from dirty sidewalks to cleaning chemicals at home to synthetic ingredients in kibble. Bone broth is packed with glutathione, an antioxidant that powers the liver’s ability to break down toxins.

A healthier immune system - In the process of making the broth, as the bones simmer with water and apple cider vinegar, the bone marrow liquifies. Bone marrow contains lipids (like alkylglycerols) that are important to the production of white blood cells that boost immunity.

So how can you incorporate bone broth into your dog’s nutritional routine?

We like to serve the bone broth as a soothing evening ritual either as a topper to their normal meals or as a standalone snack before bed. It’s the perfect comforting ritual to add into what can be chaotic days. A quick dose of nutrients to ease the gut, ease the joints and ease the mind.

At what temperature should the broth be served?

This is totally dependent on your dog and their personal preferences - you know your dog best. Some dogs love the frozen texture of the cubes, so no thawing is required. Others prefer the cubes to melt into a liquid over their normal food or in their water bowl. Because our broth is individually cubed and frozen, it thaws really quickly once poured out at room temperature.

How should I store the broth?

Keep the jars of broth stored in your freezer. Whenever you’re ready to serve, just shake out as many cubes as you need