Is boiled chicken good for dogs? What is a bland diet? When do I need to feed a bland diet?

Yes! *Usually. Vets often recommend boiled chicken and rice for dogs who need a bland diet. The suggestion generally comes up when a dog has an upset stomach - e.g. after eating something they shouldn't have, having diarrhea, or a stomach bug. When dogs need an easy-to-digest diet, vets will recommend either feeding prescription food designed for sensitive stomachs, or home made chicken and rice.
Important notes to remember:

1. Make sure your dog stays hydrated while they have an upset stomach

2. Don't season the food! Adding salt, pepper, spices are the opposite of bland.

3. Never include onion, garlic, grapes, chives, anything from the onion or grape family. These foods have toxins that can fatally hurt dogs.

4. Chicken and rice is good for short periods of time during sensitivity but its not a balanced and complete meal that your dog can sustain on. We never recommend feeding this diet for longer than a few weeks. It lacks critical vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to stay healthy.

For a transparent, minimally processed dog food, consider raw food. We swear by it, but you know your dog best. -->

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