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Le List: Big things dropping

Le List: Big things dropping

Hey, how's it going? How's your Sunday been? Actually, how's your weekend been overall?

Alright, not going to lie, this is a very special Sunday for us (and not just because Katie's hometown Kansas City Chiefs are playing in the Superbowl tonight - GO CHIEFS), but because this is the week we're finally revealing everything. Everything that's been going on here at Maev over the last few months. THE WHOLE THING.

So be on the lookout for emails from us all week as it all comes together because we're excited and we hope you are too - we're doing this all for you.

In the meantime, here's an offering from around the web for the week. Take what you want, leave what you don't and have a restful Sunday. And oh yeah, did we mention? Go Chiefs.

So without further ado…


// You can have it all on paper and still be sad, angry and restless for more... which maybe isn't such a bad thing

// Let's be careful of the gospel of the new minimalism. Getting rid of stuff for more streamlined, organized and expensive stuff isn't a path to salvation 

// Speaking of consumption, get to know the new trophies of domesticity for the urban millennial. I still don't have a stand mixer. 

// Tomorrow is officially the kickoff to election season with the Iowa Caucus. Rather than talk politics, maybe we should  talk about why we're not excited about the future

// But really let's talk politics for a second because The Daily did a sitdown post mortem with the NYT Editor about their coverage of 2016, and they put themselves on trial

// One of my favorite shows came to an end this week. The Good Place left us with thoughtful questions - what happens when life is good forever? Maybe it loses its meaning

// I know we're all bashing Silicon Valley these days, but here's one more piece while we're at it because the Silicon Valley economy is here and it's rough

// For those of us living in New York, here's a sneak peak into the new MTA subway cars

// This guy is cooking every single Ina Garten recipe ever. He's already halfway there at 650

// I used this trick to revive stale bread this week. I was super skeptical, but it worked, so don't look at me like that