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Le List: First of Fall Edition

Le List: First of Fall Edition

Happy Monday, world!

Today is officially the first day of fall though you'd have no way of knowing that given the weather in New York. It's feeling like full summer out here. Today was 90 degrees (!!!)

So...instead of delving into existential dread around climate change, we wanted to bring out Le List - our comprehensive roundup of reads from around the web this week that inspired us, made us think or just made us laugh.

As for us, we're trying to build some ritual into our lives. New York's been our home for the last 3 months, but summer's a weird time in the city with people traveling in and out. We're looking forward to building some structure and creating ritual in our lives that makes this place really feel like home, and fall seems like the perfect time for a full refresh.

So without further ado…


// Jonathan Van Ness, our collective hair fairy godmother on Queer Eye gave an unbelievably emotional and raw interview with the NYT on HIV, addiction and sexual abuse

// Everyone in Silicon Valley (or maybe just everyone?) seems sad these days. Are they the right people to search for solutions?

// Speaking of Silicon Valley, consumer tech darlings aren't making money and the market's not giving them leeway anymore. Might they actually have to start operating like businesses?

// I'm obsessed with reading people's morning routines, evening routines, rituals - anything. There's an interesting psychology behind our obsession with other people's habits

// We don't talk about money enough (especially as women), so seeing how other people spend in a week is always a fascinating glimpse into a taboo topic

// For some life advice from women who've made it, here's where they get their best ideas

// Ina Garten's garden update is the end of summer inspiration you didn't know you needed. Still waiting on the invite to the Hamptons

// And from the fashion world, a hangbag is always a nice way to refresh your closet. Here's a roundup of handbags to consider this fall

// ICYMI - JLo walked the Versace runway in that Versace dress. Does this woman ever age?

// A spaghetti and meatballs recipe that's somewhere between summer and fall, but still...pasta

// What dog voices do you use?

ICYMI on our blog this week, the ever talented Claire kicked off a new series about first time dog ownership / general things you may want a refresher on because sometimes even the experts need a reminder. She's seriously a guru and knows this industry inside and out, so we'll be relying on her BIG TIME