Hey there, it's been a minute and suddenly we woke up and looked outside and it was October. I mean, I guess it didn't happen that suddenly, but the air kind of shifted and the sky changed and there's a newness to our surroundings. Some people swear by using spring for a refresh, but for me, it's always fall. Summer's for running around and spending time outside and traveling and living your life. Fall is for reflection - stopping for a few moments and taking stock of how we're feeling.

So let's take stock. How are you doing? How are you feeling? What's working in your life and what should you be letting go of?

One way that Katie and I reset and reflect is by seeking out inspiration. We're big time readers and consumers of information, hoping to soak up as much of the world around us as possible and hold onto those small, magical nuggets that make us see things differently.

So with that, here's our roundup weekly reads from around the web. We present you with Le List ... enjoy.


// This is Rihanna's part. Nobody else speak. 

// Do you feel like you never see your friends anymore? Does it take forever to coordinate schedules? You're not alone.

// But if you do manage to put time on calendars, here's how to actually commit to plans

// It's been 5 years of Glossier and living in Emily Weiss's world (how did that even happen??) Running to buy their latest serum though

// ...And on the other side of shopping experiences, it's also Amazon's world. No, really, it is.

// The "getting real post" is all over Instagram. Is it real or just faux authenticity?

// This was a totally random Twitter thread on stress relief techniques that sucked us in

// A running long list of everything millennials have killed

// Hailey and Justin Bieber got married (again). What did you think of her Off-White/Virgil Abloh wedding dress?

// Since fall is for refreshes, here's some hair inspiration to give you some ideas

// Carbs are back in style for fall and this meatless pasta is calling for you

// And for those quiet moments when you're cozied up in your favorite sweater, a song playing on loop these days