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Le List: Rounding up the week and starting to round up the year

Le List: Rounding up the week and starting to round up the year

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the city,  everyone was frantically trying to finish their work in a hurry.

There's something about this week before the holidays that makes this one of the most chaotic weeks of the year. Everyone is trying to put a neat little bow on whatever has to get done before the new year.  Before the new DECADE.

December flies by. Between work and social gatherings and travel, it's one of the quickest months. A month that's supposed to be about rest and reflection actually gets away from us. Which is why we're trying to reclaim Sundays.

I've spent this Sunday listening to Harry Styles' new album all the way through and on a loop, reading Alison Roman's cookbook Nothing Fancy and browsing stories from around the web. It's personal time, rest time - a little bit of quiet amidst the chaos.

And so in that spirit, here's our offering for the week. Readings from around the web that got us talking, thinking, dreaming. Hopefully it does the same for you.

On to LE LIST...

// Let's kick this off listening to the decade in pop music

// The New Yorker took us on a nice trip down memory lane with their look back on this year in stupidity

// Adam Neumann should definitely be blamed for the WeWork debacle, but let's not forget about the money men (yes, all men) behind him who made it all possible

// Instagram face is a thing and it's something we all need to reckon with. Everyone looks strangely the same these days in our dystopian future (& present)

// It's been a long decade. Instagram is broken and it broke us, but no one knows the way out

// Beyonce gave her first interview in what feels like ages. (Also, loved the format of the question where they tell you the medium through which it was asked)

// The landline is dead, which is kind of okay because cell phones made our lives easier, but the landline served an interesting centering function in the home life of a family

// Harry Styles released an album and it's really refreshing. It feels like he's the only old school rock star we have left. The song 'Cherry' even features segments of a voicemail from his ex

// It's the Kardashians' world and we're just living in it. How they pulled off this epic come-up. Also, this video of Kendall's impression of Kylie is gold.

// My invitation to Diddy's 50th must have gotten lost in the mail, but WOW. Look at these photos. Iconic.

// And since the year's wrapping up, here's our own trip down memory lane to an erotic watch Drake wore once