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Life Hack: Best Email Newsletters to stay informed across the board

Life Hack: Best Email Newsletters to stay informed across the board

Staying informed in 2020 is not necessarily hard, but it can definitely be overwhelming. Updates of all sorts and topics from all categories fly at us from every direction until our anxiety levels spike. What am I missing? Have I consumed enough content? Who do I trust? So here’s something that’s worked for me: editing - trimming down the content that comes my way. I simply want to make sure I’m covering all the news bases and that I control what I allow to enter my energy forcefield. 

After years of refining and finding different avenues to stay up to date, I’ve managed to narrow my list down to six amazing email newsletters that quickly and efficiently cover almost anything and everything. Here’s what I recommend about each one, you’re welcome...

// The Skimm revolutionized the news industry in 2012 by taking big stories and condensing them into snapshots that are easy to read and come straight to your inbox. Their subscriber base is 4 million strong so you can trust that the news you’re getting is the real deal. 

// For when you need updates on all things trending in women’s lifestyle, The Newsette is the go-to source. Girl boss moments, techpreneurship, featured influencers and Instagram roundups, celebrity news, interviews and more.

// The Good Trade harkens their whole mission as “start your day with something good” and we are all about it. Every day they send a thoughtful newsletter with tips for sustainability, enriching podcast episodes, recipes and more. This is an email that will actually make you feel good!

// “Become smarter in just 5 minutes” is not an understatement when it comes to reading The Morning Brew. They cover a wide variety of topics whether it’s markets, media, industrial, workforce, events all with a side of sarcasm that makes it easy to breeze through and stay informed across the board. 

// Girls Night In arrives every Friday and it’s the first thing I’m excited to dive in to before my eyes are fully open. Content shared is for those of us that would rather stay in after a long week on Fridays and consume some self-care tips, interviews with boss women and other smart reads. 

// To be informed in my industry, I find it important to be informed at least a tiny bit in others. The Hustle helps me do that by sharing Silicon Valley, startup, tech and business news in entertaining tidbits told straight or as they say - no bullsh*t.

// BONUS! *Not a newsletter, but a way of controlling them* The app Unroll.Me will do wonders for controlling your inbox and keeping miscellaneous emails at bay, but not abandoned. I love their ‘round up’ feature that puts everything you don’t need to individually like sales in one simple email to skim over. Inbox zero will no longer be a myth!

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