Maev. Maev - [May-ve]. Meet Maev. Who is she?

Well, it’s the old Noofood, but the new us. A new name, a new logo, a new world, but the same us at our core. We’re still wellness, for dogs. But now we have a name and an identity that lets us live up to our promise to change the way you think about your dog’s wellness. We’re here to inspire you by shifting your conception of dog wellness.

We’re about more than food. We’re about more than nutrients. We’re about supporting you in your dog ownership journey, bringing back the fun and creating a world that inspires you. Your dog is the biggest form of self-expression out there. We’re here to create products, content and community that reflect that. Your dog brings color into your life and we’re here to augment that. More life, more everything. 

Over the next few days, we’ll unfold more and more of what this world includes, but we needed a name that could help get us there. So here we are - Maev. Why Maev you might ask?

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We’re the girls who grew up asking for permission. May I do this? May I do that? May I be excused from the table? May I be told what’s acceptable and what isn’t? We were the girls who idolized magazines that threw tips and tricks at us, informing us how to bend and twist ourselves into agreeable young women. It wasn’t about us - it was about expectations and fitting in. And it was disorienting and confusing. We lost parts of ourselves along the way, trying to be something for someone else. 

But we’re grown up now and we’re pushing back. We’re questioning that old conventional wisdom. It’s about us deciding what we want for ourselves and going after it - no matter how crazy or irrational it is, no matter how many people tell us it’s a bad idea, no matter how little permission we get. 

And there’s no bigger expression of no longer needing permission than getting a dog. It’s probably the single most seemingly irrational choice to make when you’re working full time, trying to budget, living in a big city in a tiny apartment and trying to balance friends and significant others. You’re doing all of this while also trying to take a moderate amount of care for yourself with sleep and exercise. And so into this excess and chaos, you added a dog.

Because your dog is yours. Your dog is the thing that drags you out of your house and into the world when all you want to do is binge watch television. Your dog is what gets you talking to strangers. Your dog lives in the real world, not the digital world and he doesn’t care what’s on your Instagram feed. Your dog is the thing that grounds you when your whole world is in limbo. When you feel like you’re being torn in a million directions and losing parts of who you are, you have your dog. He’s the one who brings you back to who you actually are - the one who reminds you of the parts of yourself you’ve lost.

So we’re taking back that permission and reclaiming what it means for society to expect things from us. 

Mae I get a dog? Absolutely. Do you.

Meet Maev. Wellness, for dogs. 


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