Chances are you’re reading this because you’re a dog person. Chances are you already have a dog, but on the off chance you don’t and are teetering on the edge of adopting one, allow us to give you a little insight that might just tip you over the edge. We’re big proponents of c’est la vie here at Maev and even BIGGER fans of dogs finding happy homes so we’ll happily dissect the three signs that you’re finally ready to adopt a dog.

The Three Signs You're Finally Ready and Should Get a Dog Now

// You’re already a dog magnet

There is no such thing as a dog that passes by without you noticing. You have a compulsive need to reach out and pet every last one of them and you can’t control it. Yes, these are symptoms of being a dog lover! So why don’t you have one of your own? A lot of times the greatest hurdles we face in life are ourselves and the excuses we make to justify our actions or inactions. You could come up with a million reasons not to get a dog - you’re not home all the time, they shed, it’s not in your budget, what if they bark too much, blah blah… we could go on. Sometimes you need just ONE really good reason to put all the others to rest. Reason being you love dogs and have part of your (read: whole) heart to give to one!

// You’re spending a lot of time at home

Just going off a hunch here, but we’re guessing you’re spending a lot of time at home these days... Looks like that excuse of never being home went right out the window! Whether you have a roommate or are sheltering in place alone, we truly believe that the more company the merrier - and from a partner that won’t get on your nerves no less! Pet adoptions have skyrocketed since quarantine was put in place so if there’s even the slightest miracle to come from all of this, it’s that! You can use this time at home to get to know each other and form an everlasting bond.

// You realize that this is an investment… in a best friend

We’ll be honest, you were right that adopting a dog comes with lots of responsibility. Every dog is different and each has their own hurdles, but we truly believe that getting through those things together is what makes owning a dog the most rewarding experience! Dogs have an uncanny ability to love unconditionally and lift you up no matter the circumstance. In a world that’s confusing and dark it’s been proven to us time and time again that dog’s are just the magic we need! It’s why we do what we do and dedicate our lives to them here at Maev.

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