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Meet Claire - The latest addition to Maev with years on the inside of the pet industry and why she joined

Meet Claire - The latest addition to Maev with years on the inside of the pet industry and why she joined

Meet Claire, the newest member of the Maev squad. She’s been in the pet world for years, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She’s been a buyer for big pet stores, lived around the world (and the country) and she’s beyond passionate about dog wellness. Working in pet retail exposed her to the inside of how it all works, or at least, how it used to work. Now she’s here with us at Maev to build the future of dog wellness and to help us navigate this noisy world.  If I had to guess, she’s been exposed to thousands of dogs and tens of thousands of dog products. She knows what products work and which ones don’t. She knows what it takes to keep your dog healthy without going insane. And she’s got an eye for up and coming trends in dog wellness.  

I’ll let her take it from here, but Maev World. Meet Claire. We’re going to depend on her a lot...

Across The Pond

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I have been working in the pet industry for the last five years, and in that time have become a pet nutrition expert, CBD savant, and developed very strong opinions on which bully stick is best. Hello there! I’m Claire.

Born in Ireland, raised all over, my answer to “Where are you from?” has always been complicated. My mom is a pilot and my dad sells airplanes, so my family is full of travel fiends. I think I have a genetic resistance to jet-lag.

I spent my high school years in Burlington, Vermont, before taking off for college upstate in Ithaca. After graduation I spent a year in New York City before embarking on a cross-country adventure with my best friend. We ended up in Portland, Oregon (I may have a thing for green places), I got a job at a pet store to pay the bills, and the rest is history.

A Brief History Of Me

Well, the rest is my inability to have any kind of casual job. I love becoming an expert on niche subjects and my sights got set on dog nutrition. I started perusing forums, attending seminars, and within two years became the Senior Buyer at the largest pet store in Portland. As a buyer I went to trade shows, toured food factories, and got to cultivate my own collection of products to offer. 

Most of us learn how to take care of our pets through watching our parents. Well, my family moved a little too much to ever get a dog, so that knowledge was never passed down. My expertise comes from the thousands of hours I have spent talking to people, finding out what worked for them and why. Every dog is unique so there is no one solution to any given problem. 

I love helping pet parents figure out how to give their pup the best life possible. I love advocating for dogs who can’t advocate for themselves. I am also a Virgo so I have a lot of opinions and checklists to help them along the way.

When I’m not asking dog moms “What food do you feed?” (I promise I’m fun at parties) you can find me dancing, reading, listening to podcasts, playing Mario Kart, and over-complicating recipes (but what if I pickle the red onions I ask myself so innocently). Oh, and hanging with my cats, the loves of my life, Boo Boo and Weem.

My pets (sorry, no dogs...yet)

Portland’s full of unique stories about how people found their pets… well my cat’s found me. Boo Boo was my first, she literally showed up at my front door and meowed until we let her inside. Boo Boo lives for food. She even taught herself how to open our fridge, which we now have to lock before leaving for the day. I lovingly call her my Nightmare Monster because she is too smart for her own good.

Weem came second and was formally adopted after being found outside with her siblings. Weem is the runt of the litter, so she’s tiny but has super long legs. Her name comes from the sound she makes--she doesn’t really meow, she weems! She does not really care about food, but deeply cares about her toys (her favorite is Da Bird, no substitutes accepted) and her nap time. 

Boo Boo only eats things with wings, and Weem refuses to eat anything but red meat. My love of messing with recipes extends to their food as well. I ferment quail eggs, get beef heart from my butcher, and blend up zucchini cubes for them. It’s incredible how quickly I became a crazy cat lady with a freezer full of meat (have I mentioned yet that I’m a vegetarian?).

My cats are my daily reminder to slow down and take a few minutes for myself. They often do this by sitting on my laptop keyboard, which is cute until they manage to somehow mass delete my hard drive (it was a hard lesson in backing up all files always).

Why Maev?

After four years in Portland, I headed back east with all of my hyper-specific knowledge and found myself stuck on what to do with it. 

It became my mission to share everything I have learned as effectively as possible.  When I found Maev I was immediately on board with the mission. I think the new generation of pet parents is totally different from the one before it and it’s exciting to help forge a new path for the modern city dog.

Favorite Food? 

Falafel. It’s vaguely healthy thanks to being made of vegetables, but it is deep fried and you can smother it in sauce. 

Honorable mention to bagels. They were #3 on my list of reasons that I needed to move back to New York, you just can’t find a good bagel on the west coast.