Welcome back to our series on morning routines where we highlight women around the city and talk to them about what their morning routines look like with their dog. No two mornings are alike and they shouldn’t be! A lot of people hope that dogs will help to bring routine and structure into our lives, to bring joy into mornings, to get up early, to lounge a little longer - whatever it is, it’s your sacred ritual. It’s designed to fit your life and your dogs’s. We’re just here to show how many different faces it can take on.

We chatted with Kara who got her frenchie Simon not long after moving from Chicago to downtown Brooklyn. It’s been a lot of change all at once, but we’ve never met someone as levelheaded (or as calm) as Kara, so their mornings are full of pure joy (unless it’s raining)

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Simon is such a chic name. and really fitting for him. How did you come up with it?

My boyfriend, Andy came up with the name. Andy is really good at coming up with names. When we saw Simon for the first time we knew it was the perfect name for him. Later, we found it is also a classical Greek name deriving from an adjective meaning "flat-nosed" and Simon is a Frenchie so it's fitting.

How old is he? Have you noticed changes in his energy levels in the last few months as he's grown up or is it kind of the same?

Simon is 7 months old. Simon has always been cool, calm and collective. His temperant has stayed the same and always in chill mode.

What time do you guys wake up every morning?

Simon has two wake-up calls. His first wake up call is at 5:30 am. He wakes up with my boyfriend and sends Andy out the door at 6:30 am for work, then he comes back to bed with me until 7:00 am.

Are you guys early birds or night owls?

We are early Birds.

Does he sleep in your bed?

Yes. We got Simon through a breeder in Cincinnati and found out that Simon was sleeping with her in the bed since he was born. We wanted to make Simon as comfortable as possible in his new home, and we allowed him in our bed. We wouldn't have it any other way.

What's the first thing you do every day? And what's the first thing you two do together every day?

The first thing I do everyday is pretty basic... I check the weather. I look outside my window and compare with the Accuweather app. This helps plan our day and what to wear. Simon hates the rain. Simon and I have our morning snuggles and I make sure to tell Simon how loved and beautiful he is. I took a manifest workshop and learned about Dr. Emotes rice experience, and learned about how important it is to give praise and loving assurances. The rice experiment was invented nine years ago by Masaru Emoto, an “alternative-science” researcher who believes in the literal power of thought. The goal of the experiment is to show that a person’s attitude towards anything, even rice, affects what happens to it. The moral of the alt-science story is that being nice matters.

What's for breakfast?

Simon is currently on a hypoallergenic diet. He is on Hills Prescription Diet for Skin/Food Sensitives- the potato and duck formula. I usually just have a coffee or tea.

Walk before or after breakfast?

Both. After our morning snuggle session we go on a short relief walk. Then we have breakfast, digest and go on our morning walk. On our morning walk, we stop by our local coffee shop and see our favorite barista, Emma. Simon will always try to go to our favorite Wine shop, Wright & Goebel Wine & Spirit. I love Simon’s mentality it's 5:00 somewhere, but I remind him that’s our stop on our evening walk.

What do you listen to while getting ready for the day?

Snoop Dogg. We recently discovered that Simon loves Snoop during a Monday Night Football half time show Simon was glued to Snoop’s performance. Currently, Gin and Juice is on repeat. Simon is huge rap fan. He loves the new Nexflix’s series Rhythm and Flow ( Snopp Dogg made guest appearance)

Healthiest morning habit:

Two Morning Walks

Worst morning habit:

Just having caffeine for breakfast.

One word to describe your mornings:


I never leave home without...

Carrots. With Simon being on hypoallergenic diet we cut up baby carrots as his treat.

If you had one extra hour in the morning, how would you use it?

I would go to our Terrace with Simon and drink my coffee. It's so peaceful there and Simon loves it there.

The best part of mornings with my dog is…

Our snuggle time and loving affirmations.

Our morning routine series is designed to showcase the diversity of experiences that come with having a dog in the city in all the ups and all the downs.

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