70% of urban dogs suffer from anxiety and depression - whether behavioral (ongoing) or situational (due to a something specific, e.g. car rides, storms, loud noises). Cities are ripe with anxiety inducing agents - everything from chaotic sounds, air polution, busy streets and sidewalks, and recycled indoor air. Not to mention our work schedules and time spent away from home.

Conventional treatment tends towards prescription anti-anxiety medication, which can be effective but may have side effects. If your dog is experiencing anxiety, there are a few homeopathic solutions you may want to consider before or in addition to conventional medication.

First, there are two types of anxiety: behavioral and situational. Behavioral anxiety is ongoing, stemming from things like trauma or separation anxiety. Situational anxiety stems from things like storms, loud noises, or specific activities like going to the vet or getting out a suitcase.

3 natural calming herbs that can be used as a tincture or mixed into food:

  • Chamomile

  • Valerian

  • St. Johns Wort

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