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Nostalgic shows to watch now

Nostalgic shows to watch now

The news of our updated ‘social distancing’ reassessment date of April 30th hit me…hard (as I’m sure it did everyone else.) It’s like that feeling when you find out that you missed that chance encounter with your favourite celebrity - so close, yet so far.  No, no, actually, this is way worse.

What to do with all this new time in our apartments? Now don't get me wrong, I’m all for binge-watching: I unashamedly devoured Joe Exotic, “Our” Tiger King, in one night. Carole definitely did it y’all. I am convinced. Do NOT @ me. Jk, please do - I miss everyone! 

Last night though, I reached new and elevated heights of the “Sunday Scaries.” I could do nothing to remedy them. I tried “calming tea”, which just made me pee a lot. I put a 70’s/80’s R&B and disco playlist together (Sunday Playlist). I played a game of trivia “House Party” with some of my friends, but nothing helped. 

It was time to throw in the towel and park myself on the couch in front of my laptop, resigning myself to some 90 Day Fiance” when, lo and behold, “Jeopardy” popped up on my Hulu. It was as though it was an offering from a Trebekian angel sent from 2003 (Season 19.) Needless to say, I demolished Jeopardy College Edition (season 30, episode 6.) I do want to give myself a quick pat on the back here. Not only was this College Edition, it was also College Championship Quarterfinals. Yep, I’m college-smart, y’all. 

So now that we’re all done with Joe the Tiger Man, allow me to suggest a couple of shows to bring you back to simpler times. Either when the choice to binge watch was still yours or all the way back to when you could play outside until your mom called you back in for some classic 90s kid reason like homework, dinner, family time….

And thus, let us get started. I was going to categorize these for everyone by anxiety level but then I thought “F*** It!” Here they are categorized by genre, a batch of nostalgic TV shows that will make you forget about what it was like to go to restaurants and bars along with where to stream them.

Situational Comedies:

Seinfeld - Hulu

Ally McBeal - Hulu

Frasier - Hulu

Sabrina (the Melissa Joan Hart one) - Hulu

Hanging with Mr. Cooper - Hulu

Will and Grace (the original seasons)- NBC.com

Friends - Amazon Prime

30 Rock - Hulu

Community - Hulu

Full House - Hulu

The Golden Girls - Hulu

All In The Family - Crackle

Cheers - Netflix

The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Hulu

Happy Endings - Hulu

Boy Meets World - Disney+


Animaniacs - Hulu

Rocko’s Modern Life - Itunes

Futurama- Hulu

King of the Hill (My personal favorite due to the fact that I sound exactly like Bobby) - Hulu

Tiny Toons - Hulu

Rugrats - Hulu

Doug - Hulu

Recess - Disney +

The Wild Thornberries - Itunes

Fairy Odd Parents - Amazon Prime

Game shows

Jeopardy- DUH! - Hulu

Wheel of Fortune - CBS Free 30 day trial! Wait until April 1 and then by the time the trial ends, we’ll *hopefully* be free 

Hollywood Squares - Youtube

Double Dare - Youtube

Remote Control - Reel Good