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OOO: Guide to dog friendly getaways near NYC

OOO: Guide to dog friendly getaways near NYC

We know the city can be a lot, and no matter how much we love it, getting out every once in a while does a lot to change your perspective and your mood. Same applies to your dog. 

It’s still February and pretty f’ing cold a lot of days, but a weekend getaway with new smells, new sights and fresh air could be the perfect ticket for the two of you to get back to feeling like yourselves. If you’re the type who prefers warmer weather, bookmark these spots and save them for spring break getaways or summer jaunts.

Here’s what’s at the top of our list. 

// Vacation in the Catskills

Give your dog a chance to run through rocks, water and the woods with a trip up to the Catskills. It’s best to get there by car, but you’ll be so happy you did when you can take it to hike the views at Overlook Mountain or Echo Lake! 

They call the area “rustic” and it’s about 20 minutes out from town attraction, Woodstock. Good news is Woodstock is artsy and very dog friendly with lots of outdoor cafes and little shops! 

Also check out Scribner’s Lodge if you’re looking to treat yourself to an incredibly curated stay. They’re dog friendly and you’ll want to instagram every corner of the property!

// Head to the beach at Amagansett 

This one is perfect for the summer - head 2.5 hours out to the Eastern edge of Long Island and you’ll find a laid back town with plenty of fresh air and beach to spare. There are plenty of Inns and Airbnbs to stay at but the prices might be a bit steep in the summer months so keep that in mind when you’re planning to book. 

With all the cute cafe spots to enjoy and free run at the beaches before 9am and after 6pm for your dog, it actually comes out to kind of free?

// Camp out at Glen Highland Farms

Think of it like summer camp but you can bring your dog, and the cost proceeds goes to charity. The property fits 26 humans and their dogs at a time on its 175 off-leash acres. That’s plenty of meadows, creeks, hikes and forests to explore! 

Besides the epic landscape there is reason to socialize with other guests in their huge common outdoor eating area equipped with wood aged grills and the like. It’s truly an authentic outdoor weekend away that will have you and your dog coming back to the city refreshed as ever!

// Make it to Montauk

Everyone knows and goes. We don’t need to explain, but here is a helpful list of dog friendly fare once you get there!