I once heard a friend reference motherhood to being a working Google doc. It’s like a group project and you’re all contributing edits as you go along. Makes total sense if you think about humans raising their young and cohabitating in tribes for thousands of years. Same concept applies to being a dog mom in the city.

We might be raising different breeds in different circumstances and living situations, but there must be some tried and true tips that either make you feel more put together or simply elevate your dog’s quality of life. I asked my closest friends if they could recommend one random thing that makes owning a dog easier and here are their top picks...

// It’s a classic for a reason - it works! Keeping a dog occupied is a feat most of us are praying to accomplish these days. Fill the inside with peanut butter and pop it in the freezer for a couple hours or break up Maev vitamin bars and hide them among peanut butter inside to make it extra nutritious!

//  Finding a stylish dog poop bag carrier is hard. Hell it’s even hard to find something better to call it! Everything Wild One makes is sleek so it’s no surprise that all their accessories make owning a dog stylish by proxy. Plus there’s like 7 colors.

// Does your dog shed? Do you find a small colony of fur bunnies in corners around your apartment every other week? Perhaps you’re looking for something to help tame that… try a FURminator!

// Perhaps you have an anxious pet and are looking for a way to soothe them through trying times like fireworks, travel, vet visits, etc. This Thundershirt works wonders to hug them in tight and make them feel safe and secure.

// And speaking of anxiety, some of my friends give their dogs CBD. I like to go with a simpler option. Maev Anxiety & Mental Health vitamin bars are packed with Chamomile and Thiamine B1 for an all-natural remedy to city woes.

// Ate too fast, got a tummy ache. Tale as old as time for dogs and humans alike! Good news, there is a solution to slow down your dog’s dinner with a slow feeder. Us humans will just have to exercise a little (read: lot) of will power.

// Trekking dirty feet inside after they’ve been all over town is the worst. That’s why this super cool MudBuster is key. It helps get rid of grime one paw at a time!