Bone broth is a literal superfood. I know we're all a little sick of that word and the connations it's had in the human health world, but if there is a single MVP that can help your dog's health with just the smallest changes, it's bone broth. The benefits of bone broth are deep and scientifically proven. We'll tell you how bone broth works behind the scenes and what benefits you can expect to see you in your dog. We're major fans and hope you will be too.

So how does bone broth work to improve your dog's health?

Well, bone broth strengthens joints, rebuilds gut health and aids in immunity, and it does it with 3 core superfoods that naturally occur within it:

  • Collagen - Bone broth is packed with the collagen that structures and strengthens bones and cartilage in your dog's joints. Collagen also plugs any holes in your dog’s digestive tract caused by improper foods and bad bacteria. It also reinforces immunity and gut health.
  • Amino Acids - It is also packed with glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, proline, and arginine, which are anti-inflammatory, reduce pain and aid in joint recovery throughout the body.
  • Glycine - Broth is one of the richest sources of glycine on the planet. Glycine is clinically proven to improve gut health by repairing the intestinal wall and sealing gut lining. If your dog has faced leaky gut syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, tough allergy seasons, or general immunity shortcomings, glycine is here to help.

What kind of physical benefits will you see from incorporating bone broth into your dog's diet?

  • Strengthen gut lining and heal leaky gut syndrome - A dog's intestines are lined with small, porous holes that allow nutrients to pass into the bloodstream after they digest their food. An unhealthy lifestyle or an unhealthy diet can cause these holes to become too porous, however, and can lead toxins to escape from the gut and into the blood stream. It's commonly known as leaky gut syndrome and it leads dogs to develop allergies and food sensitivies. Bone broth contains gelatin, which helps restore and protect the gut lining. This fights against leaky gut and improves digestion.
  • Reduce inflammation - Inflammation is caused when undigested food or toxins seep out of the intestines and into the bloodstream. Your dog's body realizes that those toxins should not be in the bloodstream, so it sends in antibodies to fight them off. This creates inflammation and can lead your dog's body to essentially attack its own healthy tissue. Strengthening the lining of the gut on the inside, reduces inflammation on the outside and strengthens your dog's immunity.
  • Detoxe the liver - Dogs encounter things in everyday life that make their liver work overtime such as chemical floor cleaners, grass and landscaping sprayed with poison, and other toxic compounds found in certain toys and treats. The glycine found in bone broth supports and strengthens the liver to help it power through and fight off these chemicals.
  • Alleviate joint pain - Joint health is important for all dogs, but should be top of mind for senior dogs, dogs who have previously suffered injuries and breeds that are prone to certain ailments. Joint cartilage naturally wears down with continual use and becomes damaged as your dog gets older. It also wears down if your dog typically pound pavement and sidewalk instead of grass. Pavement is particularly hard on joints. Bone broth is a great source of collagen and gellatin, which rejuvenates the connective tissues and allevaites any joint pain your dog might experience.

Convinced yet? Bone broth is such an easy addition to your dog's daily routine - it's packed with the nutrients needed to strengthen your dog's gut health, joint health and immune system. We love it and hope you will too.