Raise your hand if you’re fully obsessed with your friend’s dog.

Not that the coupon book full of “free weekend of dog-sitting” wasn’t cutting it, but why not get your favorite duo something different this year?

When it comes to getting something that they’ll both love, we’ve rounded up our favorites this season.

For Your Favorite Duo

//Getting a pet portrait is basically a rite of passage now. So how to immortalize that face forever? There are some unique local options like Ben Lenovitz (you might recognize his work from the Fishs Eddy windows). 

//More into photography? Check out these amazing local photographers: Leslie Leda, PhoDOGraphy, and Stacey Axelrod

//She just took a DNA test, turns out, she’s 100% that bitch.

//The key to a perfect puppy photo? It’s all about getting their eyes on the ball.

Just For Them

//Give the gift of hair-free clothing. No matter how hard we try, there’s always dog hair somewhere. The solution? A lint roller that’s perfectly sized for on-the-go. 

//A cute case to keep their Airpods cozy.

//What does 2020 hold? IDK, but you can find out with this Tarot Card Deck, for dogs.

//Socks (because you can’t go wrong with a classic)

For The Home

//These enzymatic candles neutralize any ~smells that may linger while throwing major scent

//Get crafty! These baking molds are perfect for making Insta-worthy treats.

//Snuggle season is here, get them the best gear with this super soft sherpa blanket.

//Tech has finally arrived for dogs. Including GPS collars, Fitbit for dogs, or a live camera (with built-in laser toy, obviously).