Do you ever feel like a hamster running a light jog on a treadmill? Or like you’re doing a dog paddle across an Olympic sized pool? It’s that feeling of being slightly overwhelmed and tired but still managing to carry along in that “just keep swimming” fashion. That’s what living in a city can feel like. And it’s a lot.

Now that the holidays are here we’re offered a rare yet timely opportunity to seize an escape, no excuses needed. Maybe going back to the small town you grew up in feels like a prison sentence, but we’d like to challenge you to see it as a positive opportunity this go around! If anything you’ll return to the city with a fresh perspective or at least the renewed wherewithal for the subway. 

Remember what the stars look like. 

When we’re living in confined places with work deadlines and social pressures filling our brains to the brim it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Our universe actually shrinks in a hyper connected city setting and no one could blame you for feeling the buzz of anxiety that comes with that. 

With an absence of big city lights take a moment and notice the actual stars in the sky. Look at how many there are, how vast they spread across the sky for miles and how small you feel. It’s rather humbling but very necessary to acquire a big dose of perspective. Suddenly that looming project at work seems a little more approachable and like your whole life isn’t depending on it. 

Don’t do anything for the gram. 

The only “gram” you should be concerned about while you’re home for the holidays is your grandma. Bake cookies, decorate the tree or sit by the fire and actually talk with your loved ones. Do it for yourself and your relationships. Make these moments about being present instead of peacocking on social media because family lasts longer than your followers will. Forget the FOMO and adopt the JOMO - you’ll head back to the city with a smile on your heart, honest. 

Sleep soundly.

The city is loud. We’d bet anything that you barely hear the garbage truck that comes at 6am anymore. This is normal, but if you’ve been secretly running on E for a long time because you can’t get a good night’s rest, then this is the top tip for you. Stepping away to get quality REM and maybe even a chance at dreaming to recharge is something you’ll thank us for. 

Hug your dog and your mom. 

Have you been on Bumble BFF looking for more friends? What about trying different gyms looking for community? Living in a big city can be isolating. It’s hard out there to find your “place” or your “crew”, but what if you’ve had one all along? 

Your dog makes you feel special the moment you walk in - it’s as if you’ve been gone for an eternity (even if it’s only been five minutes). Over the holidays, you're almost guaranteed a warm welcome just the same from the people that love you most! Settle in with your inside jokes, wear the matching Christmas jammies and be a part of the pack again.

This is important for your soul because it’ll give you the confidence inside to take on the big city again - scary boardroom presentations and all! 

All in all, living in NYC is quite a gift and opportunity! There’s so much to love. At Maev we just want to bring you the tools and community not only to survive in it, but to thrive in it. First step is to step out of it!