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The New York City pop-ups gift guide: dog edition

The New York City pop-ups gift guide: dog edition

Buying Local

We would never leave our dog off our holiday shopping lists, but what to get the dog that already has everything? While shopping online can certainly take the hecticness out of the holidays, there’s something about touching, feeling, and trying on that coat in-person that never goes out of style. Plus, no lost packages!

It’s not shopping for you if it’s really for your dog, right?

New York City is packed with holiday pop-ups that are teeming with the perfect present for your dog. You can shop during your commute, or even bring your dog along to these outdoor markets so they can shop for themselves.

The Union Square Holiday Market

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A city staple (seriously, this is it’s 26th year!), the Union Square Market totally transforms the park with wood floors, little wooden booths, and the smell of spiced mead and waffles permeates the air as you wind your way through the rows.

The main attraction?

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//Ware Of The Dog

From handmade crochet toys to ultra-luxe sweaters, Ware Of The Dog is New York designed for the chicest New York dog.

Their booth is packed with treats, collars, leashes, and they’ve even designed a cool poop bag holder. Who knew that was even possible?

Some of our other favorite booths we spotted…

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//Sabyloo has so many socks you can rep a different dog every day of the week

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//Meow Parlour, this city’s first cat cafe, brought their signature macarons to the fair along with a selection of toys and treats for dogs too

Grand Central Holiday Fair

//LoveThyBeast is the star of the show at the Grand Central pop-ups.

Home of the iconic tote, LoveThyBeast also has outerwear your dog will love wearing and you will love looking at. Seriously, check out their full-body snowsuit puffer.

Their flagship is in the East Village on 2nd&5th, but they’ve been busy expanding throughout the city (and even upstate!).

Bryant Park Winter Village

A delightful shopping experience in Midtown? We were surprised too. All of Bryant Park has undergone a whole winter wonderland,-themed makeover complete with the iconic ice skating rink and mugs gourmet hot chocolate from Max Brenner to keep you warm while you peruse the pop-ups.

//Dog & Co

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The Dog & Co booth was jam-packed full of people and presents. Famous for their extensive online store, they also have a permanent residence in the underground mall at Columbus Circle.

Sweaters, toys, jackets, treats, whatever is on your list, they have options.

//Marc Tetro

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Paintings, pouches, phone cases, keyrings, mugs, all covered in Marc Tetro’s signature dogs. The bold outlines combined with pops of color make these illustrations stand out--whether in your bag or on your wall.

Permanent Locations

If pop-ups aren’t your style, these stores are stocked with stylish goods year round:

//Zoomies (found at 434 Hudson Street)

//Canine Styles (found on Lexington & 63rd and Broadway &79th)

//District Dog (144 Driggs Ave in Brooklyn)

//PS9 Pets (169 N 9th St in Brooklyn)