The Quarandog logs

For those of us who are quarantining with our dogs, I think we now have a new appreciation for these babes. They may be a lot of work, but they’re carrying us through with their love, unwavering devotion and above all, those adorable little mugs! 

While we are what seems to be legally resigned to stay inside, here are a few things you can do to help your pup stay motivated, stimulated and, of course, happy. 

Dog Yoga - Doga

Your dog is not going to be able to master Handstand scorpion on your first try, but if you’re going for a walk around the neighborhood, you can still attempt some yoga with your dog. Not only can yoga reduce stress, but yoga with your dog can mean more quality time together. Get out your yoga mat and invite your dog into a stress-free zone!

The Cup Game

Line up three old cups on the floor in front of your dog. Take a smelly treat and put it under one cup. Let your dog watch as you move the cups around, and give him the treat when he picks the right cup.

The Name Game

Your dog already recognizes words and phrases like "ball," "treat," and "do you wanna go on a walk." To play the name game, all you have to do is teach him a few more.

The bigger his vocabulary, the more fun the game is. Tell him/her the name of an object (or person) and reiterate the name while grasping or touching the object. Once you have done this for, let be honest, quite some time - you can then say the object’s name and hopefully, your dog will go to the object/person.

Find the Treats

A fun game of "find the treats" will get your dog motivated and ready (literally) to “find the treats.”

This time forget the cups! Grab those treat and hide them in a different room in easy places - your dog is not an investigator; please keep this light and fun!  Perhaps Maev’s Anxiety and Mental Health vitamin bars will do the trick! 

Movie Night

Don’t ya just love a good old fashioned movie night - well guess what!  So does your dog! Movie night to a dog signifies cuddling and maybe even a chance to get some love on the couch. 

Might I suggest watching a movie that also interests your dog as well as you? If I were a dog, I don’t know how stoked I’d be on watching “Love Actually”. I know for a fact, however, that “Homeward Bound” is on HBOGO right now.

To make things a tad easier here is another article by yours truly to reference: Movies for you and your dog! 

The Maze Game

This might be a bit of work but if you do have boxes lying around from recent deliveries (that have been disinfected) you could create a maze and hide treats along the way! Now, I get that we are in NYC and don't have sprawling estates, but even a little maze could be fun for his mental stimulation!

I really truly hope this helps. We are almost out of this, and you and your dogs have been amazing together! TBH, if all else fails you can always try to teach your dog to bring you wine!