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There's more to dating with a dog in New York

There's more to dating with a dog in New York

When you’re already in a committed relationship, but trying to find another one…

Okay, so dating with a dog in New York City. The greatest city in the world… and one of the most difficult in which to have a dog! Add dating to the equation and, well, it gets even messier.

And if this is the first time you’re reading about dating with a dog in New York City, be sure to read the first part of this piece here!

Okay, now you’re ready to talk more specifically about the ways in which dating with a dog in NYC can be, uh, tricky.

Spontaneity (Forget It)

Spontaneity is one of those things that people in their 20s and early 30s are supposed to experience at length, right?. Or at least that’s what all the TV shows showed us growing up. But in reality, and especially in a city as vast as New York, as spontaneous as you may feel one second, life usually finds a way of slapping you across the face the next and saying something to the effect of, “YOUR RENT IS TOO EXPENSIVE FOR YOU TO GET DRUNK TONIGHT AND BE LATE FOR WORK AGAIN TOMORROW!” And life is right. 

Oh, and it has another reminder for you: YOU HAVE A DOG. 

If you’re on a date (or at the home of your significant-ish other) and think the evening might lead to a sleepover of sorts… not so fast. You’ve got pup to worry about. Will you rush home for a walk before cozying up for the night? This will mean another visit home before work, of course, and ugh, that sounds horrible. Will you ask to take the party to yours? Will you just dip? The options are... endlessly inconvenient.

Bed Sharing

Then there’s the issue of bed-sharing. I share my bed with my dog. He’s an 85-pound foot heater and I like it that way. Significant others from my past? Not so much. If your partner sleeps over, there’s a good chance your dog is going to try to get involved. And if your dog usually sleeps in bed with you, it’s definitely going to happen.

Try not to be offended when your partner asks (because they almost definitely will) if the dog can sleep on the floor. And try again not to be angry when, if God forbid any funny business starts to go down, your dog comes to your RESCUE. Because that’s what they’re doing. Saving you. Of course. 

I can’t even count the number of times I slept on my ex’s couch because my dog wasn’t allowed in her room, and honestly, that was a pretty good set up! Or so I thought. Everyone got their rest, I didn’t have any anxiety about whether or not my dog was getting into her stuff, and we all lived happily ever after. Right?

Wrong. Humans don’t like being abandoned either. And it was not okay that I left the bed to sleep on the couch. But what was the solution otherwise? Huh?! I’m still asking myself this question. Note: your thoughts are welcome.

Eating En Plein Air 

Dating with a dog in NYC also means lots of eating outside, even when it’s not super warm or enjoyable. 

It’s rough out there for dog parents. Especially single ones. And especially those who are trying to be not-so-single! Of course, if you find the right person, dating with a dog will feel less like dripping in sweat-lotion and realizing you’re going to be late for work, and more like a day at the spa. But chances are: that’s going to take time.

Now, I’m definitely not the person to say “don’t lose hope!”, because I’m out here reminding my dog every day that I am a single mother and doing the best I can for our furry little family, OK? But really… it would be nice to have some help.