Insider | October 2018

  1. Research what kind of dog to get and their needs.

  2. Stock up on supplies (crate, treats, collar, leash, toys, bowls, bags for the park/walks)

  3. Walk through the house/yard and make sure there are no exposed wires or sharp metal edges (chewables or dangerous)

  4. Set up their eating area - should be away from the action in the house, and should be their own space

  5. Put cleaning supplies and any human medications away in a cabinet a curious pup can’t get into

  6. Make sure your plants are dog safe! (Check out our plant-toxicity article below!)

  7. Make sure your fences are high enough to keep your pup safe

  8. When first introducing your dog to the home, pick certain rooms to start. Consider using baby gates to limit the space available initially

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