Things that delight me (though they’re not all things I can indulge in):

  • Morning walks: there’s something diffferent about getting light, fresh air and movement first thing no matter how brief

  • Watching half and half swirl into my iced coffee

  • Seeing other people dine/indulge on their own

    Quick story here: I always strangely envy the person who is able to sit at a coffee shop, bar or restaurant and indulge in a totally elaborate meal on their own. There’s this French woman in her 60s who I’ve seen at my coffee shop multiple times. She wakes up early, heads to the coffee shop and orders the same thing every time - a cappuccino, a plain croissant and chocolate croissant and in the most casual way in the world, she tears into the croissants and downs them in under 10 minutes without even thinking twice about it.

  • Drinking all beverages out of stemless wine glasses

  • Browsing and bookmarking recipes I’ll never make

  • Watching videos of what people eat in a day

  • Afternoon light reflecting off buildings

  • Sitting on my radiator when I’m cold

  • Having 10 million tabs open on my Chrome browser becasue there’s so much good content that I want to read that day

  • Kids walking with their parents and telling long, winding stories that make no sense

  • Listening to my favorite albums all the way through. Including, but not limited to:

    • Coloring Book - Chance the Rapper

    • My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

    • Red - Taylor Swift

    • Pure Heroine - Lorde