We all have it in our heads what morning walks with our dog are going to be like: strolling alongside each other over crunchy autumn leaves with a steaming morning coffee in hand. There's a pretty large gap between expectations and reality though because, let's be honest, it rarely looks so picturesque.

More often than not, it starts with an innocent attempt to get 30 more minutes of precious shut-eye when a sudden wake-up call from your dog catapults you into a full frenzy. We end up throwing on literally whatever we can find just to make it downstairs in time for your pup to 'do the damn thing'. It's a full sprint, but there are no awards - just the satisfaction of an accident averted.

As NYC overnight lows dip toward freezing, we want to make sure the Maevworld community is prepared at a moment's notice to dash out the door and not look like a complete disaster (it's a real balancing act). We scoured the internet for six different pieces that would be equally stylish to toss on when duty calls. They range from full-on puffers to quarter zip fleeces. Consider this your winter walk uniform.

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// The Amazon jacket that went viral last year. It comes in six colors and has over 7k reviews! Also, pockets!!

// A down duster coat that's like taking your duvet outside with you.

// This teddy coat that has a cult following of its own and we're all about it.

// Or maybe you just need to amp up your en route to do things (like workout) outerwear...

// Crop jackets are everything this season - you'll definitely stand out while blending in (how did they make that possible?) in a puffer like this...

// And when all else fails, a wardrobe staple like a camel coat will never do you wrong. Ever.

// On sale never looked so cozy! This pullover will have you strutting like the wolf of Wall Street in sheep’s clothing.