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We don't have any pictures together

I spent yesterday scrolling through all of my photos from 2019. I get nostalgic at the end of the year and this year in particular has been a strange one - big changes, lots of transition, really high highs and really low lows. Stepping back and looking at photos is a helpful reminder of how far you’ve come … everything I’ve done, seen, experienced and the major landmarks of my year.

But then I realized, we don’t have a single picture together. I was in a 3-month non-exclusive dating situation - a relationship

But we don’t have a single picture together. Three months, my entire fall and not a single picture together. We talked on the phone almost every night. My weekends revolved around this relationship and whether we were both in town or out of town.

We take photographs to remember things. Snap a picture to remember a trip or a party or a night out or something you walked by on the street, but what about the other parts of our lives? The days we just look normal?