We hired someone. Employee number three. Someone willing to actually upend her entire life and pick up and move to New York to join us on this crazy ride. You should get to know her, so we chatted with V to give you guys a glimpse into who she is. She’s 10/10, killer.

Tell us a bit about yourself, high level, broad strokes

My friends call me V or Vun, but my full name, Vungelia, is of Greek origin. The Greek equivalent is actually a very popular, and dare I say “normal” name, but rather than translate it over to English, my parents preferred the authenticity of the original.

Before Noofood, I started a food truck company in Cleveland, Ohio. My food truck was called Gyro George (George being my dad). And obviously we sold Mediterranean food. It was so exhilarating taking the truck to a new event everyday, meeting folks from all across northeast Ohio, and witnessing the behind the scenes of major events for our city like the Cavaliers 2016 NBA Championship Parade or the Republican National Convention. The food truck was my Mediterranean baby that I watched grow from day 1. I’m forever grateful to the Truckies that went on that incredible 3+ year ride with me.

What made you finally decide to make the big move from Cleveland to New York? 

So I have a little secret... I was not trying to be in New York. It’s nothing personal, but I was born and raised in Cleveland and I love that city so much. Seriously guys, feel free to not just fly over it next time. It’s worth the landing. 

But aside from my college days in New Hampshire and a phase of backpacking in Europe with a homebase in Copenhagen, I’ve always been in Cleveland. I grew up working in my parents’ restaurants all my life, and even though the food truck was super fun, it was still too similar to my upbringing. That’s when a friend of a friend of another friend told me about Noofood in New York. I knew this was it. 

What made you finally decide to make the jump from a food truck in Cleveland to working for Noofood in New York? 

Katie and Christine are killer, badass women that I really look up to. I loved the team, the vision, and the cause. I joined Noofood because I believe in them. 

What are your first impressions of living in the city? 

I actually really like the city. There’s a universal hunger here that I really respect, like everyone is trying to make it in whatever way their passions and hearts are pushing them toward. Before actually moving here though, I admit I was a bit nervous. I told myself that I was going to go to New York and love it, but I hadn’t convinced myself that it would actually be the case. I’m for sure a city girl at heart, but didn’t know how city I could be. Turns out, I love it.

What’s surprised you most about working here so far? 

I’m so impressed with the amount of work we get done, while also having an absolute blast. Working can and should be fun, and Noofood has proven that to be the case. I’ve learned so much already since joining the pack, and I honestly feel like I am at home here. I knew this would be an adventure, but I never imagined enjoying it to this degree. 

What's been the most fun thing about working here? 

The office humor--by far. Everyone here is totally themselves and confident and absolutely bizarre, in a strangely majestic way, so we all feel super comfortable laughing with and at one another. The pranks have reached new peaks! 

What's been the most challenging piece of working here? 

I’ve never worked in an office before… Crazy, right? So transitioning into the computer, office life has been different-- not necessarily in a bad way, but different. I definitely appreciate the A/C, which compared to the food truck is a huge luxury, let me tell you. 

Alright, tell us about your dog Caesar. Tell us everything. 

My. Freaking. Pleasure. Caesar is my life. He’s a 13 year old, feisty, 7lb Yorkie. He’s been with me since the fifth grade, and is definitely the first boy I’ve ever loved (sorry to my fiancė John, and don’t worry Dad-you’re a man not a boy). Anyways, back to my treasure of a bff. 

Sadly, Caesar has gotten pretty ill in his old age. He’s been completely blind for at least 5 years now, was temporarily getting around in a wheelchair due to his Cushing's Disease, but now even the doggy cart (wheelchair) can’t help him get around anymore. Despite all these obstacles, he still leaps for a meal and is cuter than ever. His attitude inspires me to try and make the best of any situation, and also to remember to be a killer stud no matter my state. 

Have you thought about getting a dog of your own in the city? Why or why not? 

Duhh. I’ve always dreamt of a little white, clumsy dog named Feta. I just signed for an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, so Feta will have to wait, but this is definitely happening. 

If you could guest star on any TV show, which one would it be and why? 

Star Trek, thank you for asking. I’m an absolute dork and not afraid to scream it on the building-tops. Besides, Captain Kirk, Spock & Vungelia has a ring to it, no? We’re definitely the modern day 3 Musketeers, but I don't know who's going to break the news to Dr. McCoy. Maybe one of the aliens can do it. 

What's one food you could eat every day for the rest of your life? 

I’m so glad you asked! Potatoes. What other food can you mash, fry, bake & grill and it’s always delicious? I’m not afraid of carbs, yo. I live for them