A little over a year ago, Katie and I decided to go all in on Maev and today, though it still feels wildly surreal, it’s finally out there in the world.

I was never someone who aspired to found a company. It wasn’t an ambition of mine nor was it something I could really fathom. And so I didn’t go out into the world looking for that big idea or that one opportunity. 

But with Maev and with Katie, it just fit, and it’s exactly where I want to be.

From the very beginning, I’ve been consumed by stories. I’m a liberal artsy writer and dreamer who loves hearing about where people come from and why they do the things they do and live the lives they live. And at Maev, it was clear to us that stories were at the heart of it from day one.

They weren’t our stories, but stories from real women around the country in real conversation. What started off as conversations about her dog transformed into extremely complex and nuanced narratives. We heard about early morning walks and 5th floor walk ups. We heard about cramped apartments and convoluted roommate dynamics. About balancing social lives and pursuing professional lives. About careers in transition and relationships in flux. About immense joy and great anxiety. They were stories about getting grounded and gaining perspective. We heard about lives in cities where we’re all just doing the best we can with what we have, and stories about a dog who was there through it all, who connected her to the world around her. 

And it was because of those stories that we even pursued this. Because it was never really about us - it was about her journey with her dog, and it was about two immense and conflicting spirits that kept creeping to the surface in every conversation. The first was a profound freedom and independence. In what’s often one of the most uncertain periods of her life, when everyone around her is telling her, “No, you absolutely should not get a dog right now. Do not do it, do not pass go,” - she did it anyway. It wasn’t out of stubbornness, but rather because she knew what she wanted for herself. And that independence combined with a deep trust in herself to tell her, ‘Yes, I can figure this out.’ Getting a dog would be her choice with her best friend on her path that she would figure out without outside input. 

And at the same time, there seemed to be a counterbalancing part of her that deeply desired grounding and connection. While in so many parts of her life she relished in doing what she wanted, there was this desire to have someone there with her through it all in a city that can feel isolating. There was a craving to have someone to bring you out into the physical world, to help you get to know your neighborhood, to help you belong to your community. In the midst of chaos and transience was a desire to feel tethered to something - to belong to someone. And in so many ways, her dog became her anchor. 

Everything you see here is the physical, digital and written representation of that spirit - fun, free, independent and sophisticated, but also grounded and honest and real.  Having a dog in a city is a uniquely challenging experience, but insanely rewarding. Without stories, we’re just products on a shelf. So for us, every product, every line of copy, every image here at Maev is meant to reflect those stories and the stories still to come.

Really incredible brands have the ability to tap into something within you that make you see parts of yourself in them. And so I hope people see themselves in this - both parts of who they are today and parts of who they want to be. I hope that when people land here they see all the perfect imperfections and the small quirks we’re still ironing out, and that they see this is still a work in progress, not a finite project. 

This is the most deeply personal thing I’ve ever worked on or been a part of. It’s still hard to put it all into words, so these are just the first. And this is our first pass at it, and I’m sure we’ll learn and change and evolve, but we do this every day because of stories. Because we want those stories of women living in cities with their dogs and making it all work to be seen and heard and reflected in what we do here at Maev. That’s the part that makes this worthwhile.

It’s only the beginning, but here we go.