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What our team loved this month: 5 things that made a difference this March

What our team loved this month: 5 things that made a difference this March

Never in a million years would I have imagined my life as what it is today in March 2020. Never. Not in a good way. Not in a bad way. Just in a way that has really highlighted to me that no matter how hard I try to plan my future or my next move, there is something much larger at play and I have no control. March is a month of succumbing to the unknown and riding it out amongst our peers - our community - in the most graceful way we know how. There is pain, but mostly there is beauty in that. 

This month our finds seemed to center around building deeper connections and diving into gaining a better understanding of ourselves. March has been a month of going inward - physically, emotionally, mentally - and our dogs have been right by our side during it the whole time! 

5 things that made a difference this March at Maev…

  1. Our new norm can be a little lonely. It has isolation in the name itself. In 2020 while you may not physically be able to connect, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to share your day to day with others. I loved the simple tips of keeping connections over meals. Something as simple as eating lunch with your work wife via Zoom could bring more normalcy to your day than you initially realized. 

  2. Speaking of doing something together… Why not binge the latest and greatest Netflix has to offer together? Netflix Party synchronizes your shows and videos while allowing you to simultaneously group chat on the side. Yes, you could do the same via imessage but this novelty of a Netflix party makes it a little more fun!

  3. Mental health and emotional wellness is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. There has never been a time where discussing it has been such a widely accepted topic - it is the human experience. We came across this Instagram account called @millennial.therapist that touches on a lot of paths our minds might go down and offers simple insight as to how we can process our thoughts. Let’s just say I learned a lot from even five minutes of scrolling. 

  4. There are a ton of articles out there about tips for working from home. Some are simple one liners and others like this one truly expand upon all things you can be doing to set yourself up for success. It is truly a social distancing work from home survival guide!

  5. We’re Not Really Strangers has been circulating the internet over the last few months, but has reached all new heights since social distancing became the new normal. Social distancing doesn’t have to mean emotional distancing and this game is an easy way to stay connected and build emotional bonds (while also talking about something non-COVID related). Bonus points for the IG account, which posts new prompts regularly - be sure to scroll through the comments sections on posts, which are often incredibly humbling and grounding. 


I found this link created by @heyrayhansen in an email newsletter one day and thought it was the coolest way (and so 2020) to contribute to a community. Take a look at this Google spreadsheet shared doc for COVID-19 Community Resources. Add what you can to help and take from it what you need to cope.