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What our team loved this month: 5 things that made February awesome

What our team loved this month: 5 things that made February awesome

February always feels like a month that has a really short beginning and end, but lasts a loooong time right about the middle. You can chalk it up to the fact that it’s a mere 28 days (29 this year), four weeks exactly, or you can blame it on love’s biggest holiday being smack in the middle! Where you fall in the love department might affect where you approach the whole month entirely with a bit of angst. 

Not for us though! This month we found some pretty awesome life hacks, products and articles that make it all a bit brighter. Plus we had the best Valentines ever - our dogs!

5 things that made February awesome at Maev…

  1. When gift shopping for said Valentine (or ourselves) it can be a bit overwhelming to determine the best ideas and then options for almost any category. I have always wished there was ONE central place held Pandora’s box of goods and it looks like it’s been found in a website called The Strategist! Check out their ‘most giftable items ever’ list and try not to add to cart. 

  2. Yet another amazing find from The Ordinary. We love a good nightly ritual and this one has been a great addition to our medicine cabinet - it encourages “visible radiance”? Sign us up!

  3. We found the Pocket App by way of an article on Manrepeller. The title ‘The App That Made It Possible to Actually Read Everything I Want To’ really drew us in because we too suffer from a screaming computer with too many tabs open. That’s a bummer when you still want to consume the content causing it. FYI it’s free to download here.

  4. Do you ever look at your phone and open Instagram without even realizing it? That’s a toxic habit we’d like to break. Doesn’t mean we need to detach from the phone entirely though! We loved this list of 10 other things you can do instead of scrolling. Feeling healthier already.

  5. Tax season is basically here and instead of letting procrastination and terror take over we’re empowering ourselves with a little tax education. This episode from epic podcast from Call Your Girlfriend spells out exactly ‘How to get your taxes right’ - especially if you’re self-employed.