Some people are really hard to buy gifts for, but the dog mom in your life should never be. While of course she has many multifaceted interests - you can be positive of one that’ll hit very close to her heart! 

Whether it’s a little something special or a thoughtful gift to help out a dog mom on the go, these thoughtful ideas are sure to be some of her most favorite this holiday. (Plus, everything is under $80!)

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A little something special and elevated:

// Carry on the large letter necklace trend from summer street style into winter with a sleek initial pendant necklace. Monogram gifts are always nice because it shows how much thought went into it. 

// A candle so cool, you’ll barely have to wrap it. The scents are unique too! Build a three pack and it’ll be her favorite gift all year.

// Having a dog means spending a lot of time at home. Treat them to a really nice facemask and some cozy slippers

// Or gift them something you can enjoy too - Hello wine subscription!

Make on-the-go easier:

// Chances are they’re on a walk at least twice a day. Help them make the most of it and gift them an Audible subscription.

// Cute and kitschy. Plus eliminates the need to have three hands when you can just wear your keys on your wrist.

// Set her tone for 2020 with a cool on-the-go mug, literally. You’ve heard our thoughts on anti-anxiety blue right? We spilled it all in our newsletter.

Dog themed and just plain amazing:

// The gift you never knew you needed to gift (and get!) - personalized socks that are sure to be a hit!

// Do we go anywhere or do anything without our phones? No. That’s why they need this custom case

// Half the fun of anything is the getting the gear to go with it! This one’s an easy hit and they’ll wear it almost everywhere. *Add to cart.*