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Why we love reviews and feedback at Maev

When you review our products or send us feedback or tell us what's not working, we can actually make products that you and your dog love. It's the benefit of being a small team like ours. We can easily tweak things to actually serve you and your dog. That's the whole reason we're building this.
Why we love reviews and feedback at Maev

It's funny - the idea for Maev actually started in feedback. Well, not exactly feedback for Maev itself, but in random conversation with other dog people in dog parks, on morning walks, waiting in line for a coffee. It was in those conversations that we picked up tips, tricks and recommendations for our dogs. Where we heard what products other people loved for their dogs and which ones they would never use again. That's where we first learned about a raw food diet for our dogs before learning how to DIY it. It was through months of dog walking as a fun, part-time gig back in 2016 that had us chatting with people, meeting dogs, experiencing what life was like and the relationships others shared with their dogs. It was in those conversations with strangers, bonding over our dogs and our lives that felt packed to the brim, that we realized that our wellness concerns for our dogs weren't unique. Everyone had their dog's health and wellness top of mind. It sounds obvious as I write it, but we weren't alone and people were willing to help wherever they could. That sense of community was so comforting.

We didn't set out from the beginning to build a wellness company for dogs, but were so genuinely inspired by the conversations we were having and the stories we were hearing. It was through those conversations that Maev evolved. Any feedback we heard became the life and personality of Maev. Any products we built were directly tied to things that we hearing from friends and those in our community. Everything we've done here at Maev has been based on what we heard from you - from the daily vitamins to the packaging for our raw food to your desire for targeted wellness products for specific health goals.

In a way, we're super lucky - dog people are so engaged. Beyond engaged. The relationship you have with your dog is one of the most important relationships out there. That level of intimacy between a dog parent and their dog is wildly unique. You become each other's person. That intimacy that you two share then weaves into strong attachments and really high standards for the brands you use for your dog. That means we get to have really unique, interesting, in-depth conversations with consumers. That keeps us on our toes every single day.

Not only are dog people extremely engaged, but we're always so inspired to see how educated dog parents are, oftentimes more educated than we are. You are your dog's caretaker. You're asked to advocate for them when they can't advocate for themselves. You have to make health and wellness decisions on their behalf when they can't tell you what they need. It means that our customers are insanely educated and curious. They ask the most thought-provoking questions and bring up things that we've never even thought about (in the best possible way.) The level of engagement and education our customers have motivates us. Having those conversations every day constantly pushes us to raise the bar.

That's why we love hearing feedback and getting reviews, even when they aren't perfect. In fact, a good chunk of what we hear back isn't glowing. But, almost all of it helps us get better for you. The truth is, positive feedback is great, feels good to hear in the moment and helps us know that we're doing a good job, but getting better as a company actually comes from the more challenging feedback. It's when we hear about missed deliveries and environmental footprint questions and how your dog is adapting to the new food and whether you feel actual value or not - that's where we start to get better.

We've always believed that the best companies out there, the ones that we most admire, are the ones that actually listen to their customers, not only when things are going well, but especially when things are going poorly. You've trusted us with the health and wellbeing of your dog, which means we should be held to the highest standard out there. When we hear glowing feedback or less than stellar reviews, both of those help us improve. Whether that's in doubling down on what we've already been doing or assessing new options, it means we can get better. It means we can serve you better. It means when you review our products or send us feedback or tell us what's not working, we can actually make products that you and your dog love and that have value in your life. It's the benefit of being a small team and a small company like ours. We can easily adjust and tweak things in an agile way to actually serve you and your dog. That's the whole reason we're building this.

So how can you send us feedback and send in Maev reviews? In whatever way is easiest for you. Simple as that. We believe in making it as easy as possible for you to get to us because our job is to be there for you:

  • You can text '411' to 29071 and a real person our team will be there to chat about anything that's on your mind
  • We man our chat lines on our site every day from 9 am to 6 pm. Again, you'll always get a real person when you chat in.
  • And if you have a more complex request that might require a bit more background, you can always email us at hello@meetmaev.com

At the end of the day, it's about meeting you where you are and hearing what's on your mind - the good, the bad and the ugly. Without your feedback, we're just making products that sit on a shelf or in a freezer. Through conversation with you, our products have purpose and come to life.