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Winter Is Coming: Cool Gear For Your Dog

Winter Is Coming: Cool Gear For Your Dog

Let’s keep this short and sweet: it’s the season for snowflakes and flurries and giant puddles in the city. While a winter wonderland may seem scenic, in all actuality it’s a hassle dealing with the elements on the daily. Your dog feels the struggle too and probably feels it even more acutely being closer to the ground and the elements. 

We’re making the cold weather a bit cozier and enjoyable for all by sharing our list of all the dog gear we’ve been eyeing for the winter season. Shop our top picks for dog sweaters, parkas, boots and other fun winter hits...

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// A dog parka at an actually affordable price. Done. This parka has great reviews, pockets, a detachable hood and comes in three colors. 

// Track suits are trending and we’re all about it. Your dog needs one too

// Naughty or nice? Depends on the day. This double-sided SEQUINED bandana will help you tell the difference. Fun holiday must have!

// Life is better when your feet are happy. Your dog has four of them - winter boots are a must! These ones have tons of reviews.

// A super cozy sherpa lined carrier. You’ll probably want to carry it even without your dog in it - seriously this bag is legit. 

// This curly knit dog sweater would look SO cute on smaller dogs. Honestly we want a matching one. 

// The most vulnerable body part for your dog in intense heat and extreme cold are the pads of their feet. If they don’t like wearing boots, protect them with balms like this.

// Waterproof and very classic Americana coat that’ll make any dog look extra dashing.

// Saturday brunch attire for your dog

// When all else fails, your dog probably just needs a full fledged Santa outfit. Happy Howlidays!