Proximity is key:

“Madison Square Park - It’s location is ideal (between my home & my office). It’s always got a lot of dogs around and it’s a good size, so she can run around. There’s a small dog park that’s fenced off in the corner that usually has some dogs on the weekends. It’s gravel and not dirt, so she gets slightly less dirty v. other places (there’s another park that’s 2 blocks from my apartment, but it’s literally dirt and twigs so if it just rained, there’s no way I can take her".”

“McCarren Park - it’s a mile from my place (give or take, so we get a good walk there and a good walk back), and there’s ALWAYS a dogs.”

So are off leash hours:

“Yes! All the time, mainly the ones within walking distance. There’s one near my house. It’s unofficially a dog park, but all dog parents bring their pups there. It’s just dirt and trees. And I take June off leash hours at Prospect Park

Avoid, avoid, avoid:

Stuyvesant is the nice non-gross one, I hate Chelsea Waterside, Union Sq is tiny and MadSq is one that I know the crowd in and that I feel comfortable in I’ve gotten bit up a few times breaking up fights (two weeks ago being the last time) so it’s one of those things I advise against but if not able to be avoided then tread carefully. It’s a safety thing as to why I hate them. like it’s very easy for stuff to go wrong.

“I actually don’t take her to the dog park in my neighborhood anymore. People are very irresponsible with their dogs and in the rescue community, most people don’t bring their dogs to parks - especially pits. if I do take her to a dog park it’s one of the ones at Sternberg Park in S. Williamsburg. But only really early or really late when only one or two other dogs are there. It’s not a safe place for pits - We’re the first to blame if any dog anywhere gets feisty.”