Doggie Bag- 

I wish I was talking about your leftovers but I’m not. 

A “go-bag” is not something we really want to be thinking about right now, but with everything that’s going, it’s one more thing to have on our radars. As we’ve seen this past week, things can change really quickly. Hopefully, you don’t end up needing this, but if you do, at least you were ready. That said, if you’re struggling with anxiety at this moment, consider if action helps alleviate your anxiety or if it’s sometimes better to block out the noise. 

So, on the off-chance you and your dog will need to make a quick exit, here’s a comprehensive list of things to have on hand.

First things first! Grab your dog. It seems obvious, but let’s mark it just in case. On to the actual essentials:

  • Your dog’s food and any treats - 3 days worth of food is a good baseline to start with

  • Any and all medications that your dog is currently on along with vet/health records.

  • Favourite toy(s) and blanket  - even though you’re on the run, you want to make sure your dog has some reminders of comfort. 

  • Poop bags

  • Collar (consider having a backup) 

  • Leash (consider having a backup) 

  • Harness (consider having a backup) 

  • Portable and/or collapsible food and water bowls

  • Paw wipes

  • Animal medical kit

We never want to entertain that this is a necessity, but it’s also a possibility, and in our minds, it’s always better to be prepared in these totally unprecedented times.